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My blog contains insights I’ve gained along The Path to My Heart which I hope will be of benefit to you. It’s a continuation of the story in my book which lives on in my experiences as a timeline of sorts that moves and grows with me.

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It’s also a place for me to share my experiences with healing negative beliefs, ending vicious cycles, facing fear and allowing negative emotions to surface without judgment on my path to achieving wholeness. Please join me if you are interested in finding your own truth and a possibility for lasting healing! 

It’s possible for you to live your life:

  • from love
  • filled with possibility
  • free from negative thinking
  • with true choice

WARNING: There is no pill to wipe away sorrow or heal repeating vicious patterns in our lives. No magician can rid us of negative beliefs or dark emotions. It’s just not possible to wish these things away. We can intend and have a willingness – these both work in getting us started into making lasting changes, changes for a more fulfilling life.

I will also be referring to and quoting information from my own Resources as they have contributed greatly to my awakening!

Please only take what resonates and disregard the rest.


Surrender – it Works, Don’t – it Won’t

I have lots of experience with surrendering. Actually, to be more truthful, I’ve had lots of experiences not surrendering and using my will-power to bully on through, beyond where stopping, or at least slowing down would’ve been a better option. Using my will-power to push past where I’m meant to go, is very tiring and futile. It’s also painful.

Surrendering is a much better plan. The trick is doing it.

Earlier this year I was suffering with terrible back and knee pain. I was working in a school kitchen serving lunch to little kids which involved a lot of bending forward and moving in ways my back didn’t like. I really enjoyed my job but it got to the point where I was in constant pain. I received lots of medical care, but at the time it wasn’t helping. For some reason my body wanted me to stop.

My mind wasn’t helping, taunting me with pictures of when I was younger and stronger. Then the judgments came:

You can do this, what’s wrong with you? How come you can’t handle a simple job like this? What’s the matter? Are you getting old?

This kind of crap kept me in my job way longer than necessary. My ego was damaged and fighting back.

An MRI indicated that I had a bulging disc. I had lots of fear arise, the biggest one being: Will I ever be able to walk without pain?

I became very restricted in my activities. I was relegated to lying down, and at some points crawling. Sitting wasn’t even a good idea. I had lost my identity, and no longer recognized myself. Who am I if I can’t express myself physically anymore?

Do you think I would have quit my job by now? I stubbornly carried on.

It was a very strange time indeed. Lots of pain and not much hope. The only thing left for me to do, was surrender. I chose to accept the fact that I may always be in constant pain and the person I was before may never again exist. It wasn’t easy and I had lots of feelings arise, similar to the cycle of grief:

      • Denial
      • Anger
      • Bargaining
      • Depression
      • Acceptance

Because of this experience, my body became the single most important thing in my life.

I no longer cared about my mind’s devious chatter, for it usually had me believing I could muster through anything – dragging my body along with it. This time however, my body was staking it’s claim – I wasn’t going anywhere. I was stopped.

Acceptance was the only way forward. I put my body in charge, allowing its wisdom to show me the way. I was now listening to my body – it occurred to me that this wasn’t something that came natural. Most of the time I’ve spent in my head.

So I surrendered. I listened. I quit my job. I didn’t push past the pain – I stopped.

It worked.

I found a different chiropractor. I remained loyal to my body and followed it’s lead. As a result, I walk now without pain. I feel a tremendous amount of gratitude to my body for stopping me and showing me a different way of being. I learned to be gentle and kind to myself, no longer needing to push through things.

The human body holds a tremendous amount of knowledge. It can literally show us the way. It also helps us heal things we weren’t even aware of. Take some time to be with your body and ask it what it wants, making sure to acknowledge it by listening and acting upon the guidance. It’s ok to stop and be kind to you!

Being faced with loss gave me a different perspective for which I’m grateful! I have a job now I really like and works well for my body. Ultimately, the mind and the body each have wisdom – using them in harmony with each other is a wonderful thing.

Surrendering does indeed work!

Let’s Cut Tea and Coffee – That’ll Surely Help the Bottom Line

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Drop Down From the Mind to the Body and Find Yourself

It’s taken me forever to write another blog post simply because I really get that no two people are the same!! I knew this but it felt nebulous, or casual in a way.  How can I write posts about growing spiritually if we are all different? The guidance I give is based on my personal experience and will be true for some people but not for all. No information or way of living will ever apply to everyone, and yet there is a great assumption out there that it will.

I am unique. You are unique. Pretty basic stuff right? But we judge ourselves and we judge others – all for our differences. We forget the fact that no two of us are alike, no two designs are the same. I bet if we were to place each one of us side by side – we’d create an amazing puzzle that interlocked perfectly. read more

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Getting Awake and Wise to Keep Your Individuality

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