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My blog contains insights I’ve gained along The Path to my Heart which I hope will be of benefit to you. It’s a continuation of the story in my book which lives on in my experiences as a timeline of sorts and moves and grows with me as I progress through life.

It’s also a place for me to share my experiences with healing negative beliefs, ending vicious cycles, facing fear and allowing negative emotions to surface without judgment on my path to achieving wholeness. Please join me if you are interested in finding your own truth and a possibility for lasting healing!


It’s possible for you to live your life:

  • From love
  • Filled with possibility
  • Free from negative thinking
  • With true choice

WARNING: There is no pill to wipe away sorrow or heal repeating vicious patterns in our lives. No magician can rid up of negative beliefs or dark emotions. It’s just not possible to wish these things away. We can intend and have a willingness – these both work in getting us started into making lasting changes, changes for a more fulfilling life.

I will also be referring to and quoting information from my own Resources as they have contributed greatly to my awakening!

Please only take what resonates and disregard the rest.


A Return to Innocence

I’ve made a career out of being hard on myself. I’ve been my own worst enemy and abuser, experiencing cycles that delve into darkness, shutting down and withdrawing – closing off to the world and becoming unavailable. However, I do have the ability to carry on as if nothing’s wrong and fit in – when needed. My father was like that too.

The major themes in my life have been:

  • Living in prison, feeling trapped vs. freedom
  • Suffering and seriousness vs. light-heartedness
  • Being closed off vs. allowing love and support

Just read my past blog posts – the themes are prevalent and feel like soul lessons. People who know me socially – whether friends or colleagues, wouldn’t believe I’ve wrestled with darkness or heavy burdens. They know me as ‘friendly’ and easy to be with. Those who have lived with me however, know that my struggle with darkness is true.

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A Divine Demonstration

I spent a week on Iona island in Scotland and found myself living and witnessing a very powerful Divine demonstration. The island’s guardian is Columba, a very special being. On the first evening of my arrival, a friend who I travelled with, took me to the abbey, which he had been to several times before on previous trips. We stopped in a small room attached to the Abbey and went inside the little door. Inside were 4 chairs and a simple altar with a candle and a bust dedicated to Columba.

Small opening behind the cross is the door to the room dedicated to Columba

My friend and I sat in a chair and closed our eyes. We both felt an amazing energy. It was sweeping us clean – removing all the heaviness attached to us from our lives. Once we were swept clean, a new energy came in, one that was attuning us to the frequency vibration of the island. It was a beautiful, pure energy. We stayed a bit longer and as we left, we felt lighter and restored. It was a very powerful experience and demonstration – we were being cared for.

The ease and flow of being Divinely guided is available to anyone who is open and willing to receive.

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Duck and Cover

Who are you relying on to inform you of the truth? Is it your neighbor? The news media? Work colleagues? Social media? The government? Your friends and family? Experts?

These groups of people may know or report on a small percentage of the actual truth – and who knows where they obtained their information from and what filters, biases and judgments the information passed through. Second hand information is not reliable. We’ve all played the telephone game. When we’re scared and anxious however, the ‘source’ we’ve been conditioned to believe is telling us the truth, is the one we typically trust. Unfortunately.

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An Opportunity to Heal

Not sure how anyone can escape being effected by the world stage at this time in history. I wouldn’t blame any one for having feelings like frustration, bewilderment, or fear from these global events, governments, or state of the world. Propaganda or not, it’s a very challenging time to be alive. However, there is something you can do, something within your reach, something within your power to help yourself. Look inside. Only there can you really begin to make an impact. These events provide a valuable healing opportunity!

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Life is Like That

Life is just like that – we take steps without really understanding who is the one walking and sometimes we need to look back to see truly how we arrived where we are standing. But for how much longer can we get away with living this way? I dare say time is running out on that way of being.

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Turn a Blog into a Book

That’s exactly what I did. I’ve been writing blog posts for 3 years fairly consistently up until almost a year ago. I felt like I wrote all I could at the time so I took a break. My posts consist mainly of my own personal growth experiences. I love to share what I’ve learned with others to help them along on their journey. That was the point of my blog.

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Go Neutral: Take a Load Off – Let Florence Scovel Shinn Help You

If you haven’t heard of Florence Scovel Shinn, well there’s no time like the present. She’s an avatar who was born in 1871 and her affirmations are timely and ‘work a treat’ when felt to ‘click in’ with the person stating them. The ‘click’ is an actual physical feeling as worry and fear leave the consciousness. Very powerful indeed.

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Freedom: Now You Can Have the Keys!

A blog post I wrote a while back that seems to have some pertinence today. I woke up with this in mind. Suppression of humanity is a real thing if we allow it, and unless each and every one of us can find a way out of that suppression, specifically held within the mind – we are destined to live without freedom. A self-imposed prison if you will. It’s been a life long lesson for me and apparently coming up for another round.

The Path to My Heart

I have been asking myself lately: What does freedom look like in my life? How would I know if I were free? And, Why is freedom so important to me? In the past, I associated freedom with the physical, through my body. Running has always felt like freedom to me, however there have been few times in my life that my body actually felt the ease of running. What does physical freedom really feel like then? But what about emotional freedom or spiritual freedom? Have I ever experienced these freedoms?

As Above, So Below. My soul is Ready to Break Free!

I have been confronted recently with the implications of continuing to live day-to-day from my very limited self-imposed slave mentality. I look back and see it’s prevalence, to the point of believing now that my soul’s mission is to understand and experience true freedom. It feels…

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Surrender – it Works

I have a lot of experience with surrendering.  Actually, to be more truthful, I have more experience not surrendering and using my willpower to bully on through, beyond where stopping, or at least slowing down would’ve been a better option.  Using my willpower to push past where I’m meant to go is very tiring and futile.  It’s also painful.

Surrendering is a much better plan.  The trick is doing it.

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Let’s Cut Tea and Coffee – That’ll Surely Help the Bottom Line

I’ve held many positions within organizations – manager, customer service front-line, running an owner’s million dollar business, project manager, contractor, and employee left to my own devices. Every once in a while this quote from Werner Erhard comes into my consciousness:

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