Ending Lies, Living Truth

I received an important message during my awakening: Your past is a lie.  Turned out it was true.  I’ve written this book to help you dispel the lies of your past so you can live fully in your truth, as an authentic human being, unafraid.  This guide will help you identify and gently release defense mechanisms and coping strategies that formed in the early years of your development – when you really needed them. 

These were meant to protect your innocent heart and help you cope with feelings like pain and trauma.  As an adult however, these strategies impede your wellbeing and stop you from attaining true freedom and ownership over your life.  Once on your path to healing, you will begin to experience more lightness and freedom of expression.

Ending Lies, Living Truth is an accumulation of successful learning experiences written from a personal growth perspective.  Through many years of clearing my destructive patterns, I’ve gained deep learning and rich understanding which has given me the seeds to grow into a mature, strong person living in my own truth.  Now it’s time to share my learning with you!

Ultimately, we’d all love to live rather than exist!

Click here to read a powerful chapter on Self Love Discoveries

Click here to read a chapter on Inner Child Healing

We’ll address healing negative beliefs, ending vicious cycles, facing our fear and allowing emotions to surface without judgment.  We’ll also look into self-love, affirmations, healing your inner child – and much more!

Please join me if you’re interested in experiencing your own authentic self, living in your truth while sustaining lasting health and vitality!  And most importantly, owning your body, mind and soul.

It’s possible for you to live your life:

  • from love
  • filled with possibility
  • free from negative thinking
  • with true choice
  • from truth

I suggest having a journal available to work with while you’re going through the chapters of this book.  Best to write things down in the moment because it’s easy to forget flashes of insight.  Be as specific as possible especially when recording negative beliefs.  It’s much easier to work with the exact words and specifics later on.

I hope you find this book enlightening.  It’s a companion to my inner child healing story, The Path to my Heart, which has provided enrichment, not only for myself, but for many others as well.

WARNING: There’s no pill to wipe away sorrow or heal repeating vicious patterns in your life.  No magician can rid you of negative beliefs or dark emotions.  It’s just not possible to wish these things away.  You can intend and have a willingness – these two things alone will get you started into making lasting change, change for a more fulfilling life.

You may feel discouraged while on your healing path, especially since the expression of healing sometimes looks worse before you see or experience progress.  This is expected.  It means you’re clearing out the old.  When you do this your life changes.  Stay the course!  You will prevail.

What people are saying:

I so loved reading your book Donna. Your book will be a great tool in making people think more deeply in on their inner selves and seeing how patterns emerge and how those wounds often we peel the scabs and make them bleed in order at times to justify our emotions of being hard done by.
Sue Morton, Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary

It was a good experience to read your book it definitely reminded me of things I need to keep in check. It will help a lot of people I’m sure as it’s real and personal also easy to follow in principle. 
Juliette Sabat, Healer