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My book: The Path to My Heart! 
I love my book because it really speaks to my heart. I’ve been fortunate enough to have had it manifest. I struggled with whether or not it will help others too, but decided to self-publish it anyway with an understanding that we’re all human and we all have left-behind pieces of ourselves (i.e. inner child) and if this book inspires you to let your pieces know they can come home to you, then job done.

Since the book has been published, the feedback has been great! A recent colleague of mine read it and wrote a testimonial for Amazon UK – 

This book has opened my eyes to so much I feel like it has touched me on such an emotional way and warmed me completely. I can’t really explain exactly what this book has done for me except I feel lighter and happier about life in general. This book is for everyone it really makes you see life on a different way and it makes you feel better about everything you have gone through in life no matter what it is. I love this book so much it’s amazing. Thank you so much Donna Guillemette for writing this book you are an incredible person thank you.

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My blog posts: An accumulation of articles written from a personal growth perspective and tools I have found for overcoming past trauma and living my life in freedom and peace. Click here for blog posts!

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