Reclaim Wholeness on The Path to Your Heart

If you are interested in self-discovery, healing, energy healing, and opening your self to your personal truth, The Path to My Heart is for YOU! Follow along with Donna as she comes to terms with her different “selves” along with her past because living in accordance with the positive principles outlined in her book, you can find and integrate your selves while venturing along the path to your heart and grow in health, wholeness, and happiness.

The Path to My Heart is an inspiring story of Donna’s aspects, portrayed as the characters in her book, who, through their own healing process, come to a healthy understanding of why they left in the first place.

Venture along with Donna and her newly-discovered aspects as they embark on this incredible and enlightening journey of self-healing, determined to become whole again by facing their pain and ultimately filling the void inside with self-love.

Fall in love with Sophie, the wise and adorable inner child, as she laughs her way through her greatest fear. Meet Joanie and Johnnie, the masculine and feminine aspects who find themselves split apart by trauma. And Shellie, the warrior, battling her own strength, and her journey of self-discovery and healing as she faces her biggest challenge!

You would be wise to get a copy today!