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The Path to My Heart

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Inner Child Healing, A self love Adventure Story

An Inner Child Self Love Adventure Story

Donna’s sure she’s finally put the darkness of her childhood behind her. She’s innocently made a declaration to love herself. What’s the harm in that? Little did she know, this would be the biggest test of her life. Her lost inner child was knocking at the door. Is it worth the risk of opening?

Will she find what she’s looking for in time to save herself? What other revealing mysteries await her on her journey? Excitement, adventure, love, desperation and even death join in the quest. Can she save the day and achieve wholeness? Or will her burdened past finally come back to claim her? MORE HERE!

An easy guide on how to heal your shadow body, Ending Lies and Living Truth

Ending the Lies we Tell Ourselves
so we can Live in Truth

Overcome suffering, end vicious cycles. The answers are at your fingertips as you thumb through this very informative and easy to read book. With a strong intention and willingness to grow, you are well on your way to living a life of truth and congruency. Donna makes it easy for you as she shares her tried and true experiences of letting go and surrendering. MORE HERE

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Are You Listening . . . Planting Seeds of Empowerment

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  2. Time to Relax
  3. A Return to Innocence
  4. A Divine Demonstration
  5. Duck and Cover

Chapter 11 The Enemy, excerpt from Bridging the Gap Between you and your Inner Child
Introduction to Ending Lies, Living Truth
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