The Path to My Heart

My Aspects – The Characters

Fall in love with Sophie, the wise and adorable inner child, as she laughs her way through her greatest fear. Meet Joanie and Johnnie, the feminine and masculine aspects who find themselves split apart by trauma. And Shellie, the warrior, who comes to realize she is battling her own strength as she embarks on her journey of self-discovery and faces her biggest challenge!

“From page one, I was able to connect with Sofie! My life seems very similar to hers and I felt a deep connection! Even shed a few tears! I did some deep soul searching as I read her journey in transformation.” ~Paula Lena

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The Origin of My Characters

My intention to become whole and live in peace is very strong and I’ve learned to have faith and trust in my path. I believe this allowed for a moment of Divine Intervention as I received a tap on my shoulder from my lost and damaged aspects.

I was truly blessed that they made themselves known to me. I had no idea they were caught in the past, unable to grow until they told me their story. That’s how The Path to My Heart was born.

Together we embark on a wonderful and surprising journey of self-discovery and healing, willing to become whole again by facing the fears from our past and ultimately filling the empty void inside with love.

I didn’t know they existed

. . . but there they were, hurt and running my life in the background, causing me to repeat destructive patterns. 

  • What if you could go back in time and heal your damaged selves?
  • How would your life be different if you were operating from wholeness?

It’s possible to heal your aspects for good, never to be lost again. Time to get to know your selves! 

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