The Path to My Heart

About Me

I am on an awakening journey and have come to realize something very important hurt and damaged pieces of myself had fragmented and were stuck in time. I wasn’t whole. These pieces needed my help and attention. Experiencing any type of trauma, including abuse will cause fragmentation – leaving pieces of ourself stuck in time.

Most people don’t realize they have lost or fragmented pieces. I didn’t. That’s why I’ve made it my mission to bridge the gap between suffering and peace so people can become aware of fragmentation. It’s how the healing journey begins.

Read this blog post for more information on fragmentation.

My background is in the mental health and addiction field. Most of the time addiction is the result of fragmentation. Retrieving our pieces and going through the healing process with them can significantly alter the course of our lives.

My book, The Path to My Heart, is about the healing journey of some of my other pieces who have made themselves known to me. More here.

Thank you – much love and gratitude for your interest!