About Me

I don’t go anywhere without my inner child Sophie. We’ve spent too much darn time healing each other, and I mean years. We’re in love and it’s gonna stay that way forever. We love all our other parts too! How many now? No matter, we’re one big happy family!

My path of life experiences has led me to you now, my reader. I have a Master’s Degree in Community Mental Health Counseling which is actually my second career. My experience has mainly been with courageous youths who have greatly impacted and helped my own inner child healing.

I invite you to meet more of my family (aspects) who are here to help you with yours!

My blog and books are a way for me to share what I learned with you!

Please take some time to have a look:

Bridging the Gap Between You and Your INNER CHILD

Ending Lies, Living Truth

Thank you – much love and gratitude for your interest!