Healing our fragmented, lost pieces

Fragmentation – Finding and Healing Your Lost Pieces

I was listening to a friend of mine as she was sharing her story about being in a very traumatic car accident many years ago. She said it took a lot of physical therapy and hard work to fully recover her body. However, she recalled, the panic she felt being trapped in the car while waiting for rescuers to free her and shared how that panic feeling is still with her today. She said anytime she feels “trapped” or sees someone “trapped” (like on TV) it places her right back in that car, feeling extreme panic again.

Many people would call this Post Traumatic Stress. I told her I believed a piece of her was still trapped in the car, left there and panicking, and that it is possible for this piece to be retrieved and healed.

We do not Completely Exist in Linear Time: Most of us Have Pieces Stuck in Other Timelines Needing Our Help

Here’s A Great Example

I love Star Trek Deep Space 9! The episode “Emissary” brilliantly illustrates how a traumatic timeline can remain active and secretly control our life. The story goes as follows:

Captain Sisko has an encounter with the “worm hole aliens.” He explains to them that humans exist in linear time – we are born, have experiences, make choices and those choices unfold, one event leading to another. The aliens don’t understand Sisko’s explanation about  linear time because they (Sisko and the aliens) continue to end up back at the same scene over and over again: back on the ship at the time his wife was killed.

Pieces Stuck in Time

This episode clearly illustrates my point: traumatic events that happen during our lifetime can cause pieces of ourselves to get stuck “in time.” The good news is these pieces can be retrieved and healed, allowing the traumatic timeline to complete and close.

Excerpts from Lisa Renee on childhood trauma from Energetic Synthesis Ascension Glossary:

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen someone as a child that has gone through an abuse and their emotional and spiritual development is stunted, the aging process stops at that time of trauma, even as their biological body ages, their emotional and spiritual body just gets stopped or frozen in time. That person who suffered that trauma may actually have the emotional development of an 8 year old in that particular issue because they never healed their inner child from the abuse they suffered from that particular timeline.

When I’m triggered by the same thought or emotion that caused my inner child to be stuck in a trauma timeline, I find myself immediately and automatically shutting down emotionally. Without awareness, I literally wouldn’t know what hit me. It could be almost anything: a look, a smell, something I’m feeling from someone, a thought, anything that may alert me to a perceived danger. My brain computer reacts – and puts me right back to that time when the actual event happened.  Some people react with “blind” rage – not even having a recollection of their behavior.

It’s important to understand how these timelines work, as when you call back these aspects of inner child or Self, you’re calling back fragments of your Self that have been soul splintered through those particular timelines, especially when deep wounds like this are left unresolved and unhealed.

Lisa Renee
We do not Completely Exist in Linear Time: Most of us Have Pieces Stuck in Other Timelines Needing Our Help

Healing Fragmented Pieces

I’m extremely fortunate that I’ve been able to speak with my pieces in order to understand why they left. I didn’t even know they were gone until they all showed up one day. My pieces were stuck in a trauma timeline, causing looping, repeating the same patterns over and over in my life, just to end up feeling the same as I did at the time they split. In order to heal, I had to forgive.

If you feel ready to receive your pieces into a safe space, and it must be safe, you can put out a strong intention for your pieces to come home to you. It’s hard to know what to expect when they return, but welcome them with open arms, an open heart, and a willingness to forgive. Let your piece know it’s safe now for him or her to return.

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9 responses to “Fragmentation – Finding and Healing Your Lost Pieces”

  1. Mark Lanesbury Avatar

    Great post Donna, this will keep my view and perspective a bit wider, to see the forest and the tree’s 😀 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

      Thanks Mark. What am amazing journey we are all on! Take care!


  2. AmyRose🌹 Avatar

    Donna, this is a very complex subject, one that I have been dealing with my entire life. I also “observe” in others this looping and I just want to reach out to them explaining what they are doing so they will stop. Yet my words will not be heard. I have caught myself looping especially when I’m tired, worn down, or having a particularly difficult day and then getting “triggered”. When I am “surfing” rising above the mundane, I easily can distance myself from those triggers and remain calm. Not always however. This is an excellent post, one that most people will not go near. Why? Because it is so hard to change by calling back the fragmented pieces. And then establish “new” patterns of behavior. SO not easy, and many are not willing to do. I have been determined for many years to live a life far better from that which I was shown as a child. It’s an ongoing process. Thank you for being one of the brave souls who fight the good fight, determined to be themselves, whole and healed. Bless you for writing this post!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. DonnaG Avatar

      Hi Amy! I only know one person who doesn’t get triggered, and that is Byron Katie. She has made a life and career of working her negative beliefs and it has paid off for her. I still get triggered and that’s how I know there is something there needing healing. You are correct – it’s an ongoing process and not one many people venture into because it’s hard work. I really do desire to become a “whole” person, that way I have complete sovereignty – some of my pieces have been stuck in nasty places, still being manipulated and used for not-so-nice purposes. Once I call them home into a safe place, they can heal and recover, closing that timeline off. Some pieces carry lots of pain and anger and it’s then up to me to not get too involved in their stuff, just allow and have compassion and allow the piece to heal. In a perfect world though – many times I take on their pain and anger and forget, getting caught up. It’s a learning process – I’m happy to know you are also out there determined to have a better life for yourself!! Bless you and much love to you!! Donna

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      1. AmyRose🌹 Avatar

        I’ve arrived at a place where I now “think” depending on which stage of development at which a child was exposed to abuse, that defines the outcome of how much of “whole” the adult can realistically achieve. There is no coincidence that this post I have now read, when in the past weeks I have tossed and turned so focused on observing who I am, where I am, and what I am doing, and coming up with a lot of negatives still. I’ve chosen either I accept the way I am today as being the best I can possibly do, with room for improvement of course, or I can toss and turn being extremely unsettled within, peace escaping my every moment. Do I wish for a life other then the one I have? Yes. Do I wish for a different life history? Yes. Do I wish I had done things differently when younger? Yes. But! I didn’t. So the sum of who I am today regardless of what I wish for, is my reality. There are just some areas within me, Donna, that I believe will always be a survivor, not whole because the damage is just too great. In order to move forward, I concentrate on what I do Love. I focus on achieving an attitude of happiness and calm. When I am fighting myself I create in actuality hell all around me. If I do not heal any further or heal the way I “wish” to, my consolation is this … I have come a long ways from a very confused individual who had a list of problems so long that I couldn’t even embrace them all. Today those problems for the most part have been resolved. None of us will ever be perfectly healed. Don’t let anyone tell you differently because you will only be setting yourself up for major disappointment. Once a psyche is damaged, it is damaged and sometimes no matter how good the repair is, that psyche is still not perfect. It is just like a surgical scar … that part of the body is never quite the same again as it once was.

        These are just some of my thoughts as my brain is once again starting to work. That in itself is a long story that began before my Mom died. But I am no longer trying to be whole, no longer even trying to fool myself that with this that or the other, I will be healed. I am who I am today, making the best of this day with the sum of who I am in this very moment. That is all I can humanly do.

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        1. DonnaG Avatar

          Hi Amy! I hear you, and I too am looking at my whole “Self” as it is right NOW, as it is today – and being complete with that and accepting who I am – warts and all, because I don’t know the future and I can’t even conceive of being any different -so I put myself in the hands of God and do his work and listen to his voice as much as possible and know with God all things are possible – including acceptance and forgiveness of myself and others. Thanks so much for your words and sharing yourself so honestly! Much love to you and have a wonderful weekend out in your garden!


          1. AmyRose🌹 Avatar

            I just came in to take a lunch break and saw your comment. If there’s anything in life I have learned, dear friend, it is to be honest and to share when I know there is an open Heart to share with. May we both find the deep whole happiness we both deserve. Bless you from the bottom of my Heart for being open to my sharing! 🌹🥀🌱


            1. DonnaG Avatar

              Anytime dear friend! ❤️❤️❤️

              Liked by 2 people

            2. AmyRose🌹 Avatar



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