Rewriting Your Story

I’ve been away from blog world for a bit – rewriting my story. Is it even possible to give yourself a brand new story, one that defines your present as well as your future? Why yes, it is! We made up the ‘old’ story to begin with through our limited beliefs and conditioning. What happened was, I got sick of hearing my own negativity at the effect of feeling helpless and powerless to make a difference.

I hit the bottom, sort-of-speak, and it became a vicious cycle when faced with a feeling of helplessness over my lifetime.

So, yes, the past 3 years have taken a big toll on me mentally – I was getting overwhelmed and shrinking lower and lower into doom and gloom. It’s a life pattern I recognize and have had since childhood. Feel helpless – complain – doom and gloom – shrink. Horrible existence if you ask me.

That place is not good for me. I can no longer dwell on the happenings out in the world. It brings up a sense of futility. Not pleasant at all. So what I decided to do was rewrite my story. I decided that I am no longer the person who gets thrown into a state of helplessness and hopelessness by outside events. No more, not me. I am aware of the atrocities and of the crimes against humanity, but remain unattached to the outcome because I know it’s all in God’s hands!

I cast the Burden on the christ within and I go free.

Florence Scovel Shinn

I love Human Design (HD), it’s a great tool. I follow many HD teachers and through my intention to write a new story for myself, I was led to listening to a podcast by Karen Curry Parker and Gregg Braden. Hers’s an excerpt(s) that explains what had been happening with me:

(Included in Blog Post Audio) Full Podcast here: QUANTUM REVOLUTION WITH KAREN CURRY PARKER

I’ve given everything “out there” to God. He’s the only one who can turn this massive ship around. He’s the only one who knows all the intricacies of winning a war on consciousness. So I trust him to do a great job and sort it all out! In the meantime . . . I am taking the advice from my last post, Creating a Context for Your Life. I stated in that post that ‘peace’ is the context for my life!

I’ve come up with another concept for myself – Treasure Hunter! It’s incredible how once the context is set with a very powerful feeling behind it, amazing things start to happen in line with that declaration. I was recently on Iona Island in Scotland, my second visit. Iona is very magical – it knows just what I need. Everything was provided for my new Treasure Hunter context. It’s very exciting!

Pebbles on Iona beach
Iona beach pebbles

My new hobby is rock tumbling/polishing! I had a rock tumbler as a kid but my parents shut it off in the first cycle due to the noise. That’s all I really remember about it, but my love for geology and rocks never left me. That was about 50 years ago! It’s about time I get myself a rock tumbler and pick up where I left off! I got some great rocks from Iona. There’s a very beautiful marble there that contains serpentine. This was the inspiration for me to start out rock tumbling!

I purchased a rock tumbler, some grit and supplies and have started on my journey!

My energy is hugely lighter! I am getting up earlier and looking forward to my day. Some days I go down to the river next to me and hunt for rocks. Sometimes a dull rock can hold amazing beauty! I’ve started a few batches of rocks in my tumbler and excited for the outcomes! Sometimes a batch from start to finished polish can take 2 -3 months. There’s so much to learn too, so I study in the meantime. It’s more like an art since there are so many variables. It’s really exciting!

I am happy on my new journey, continuing to write my story of treasure hunting and peace. Feels great to me, as I leave God with all the heavy lifting! I’m also learning more about my Human Design – going deeper into my design’s challenges and purpose. It’s been great learning more about myself! With Human Design – so much about my life makes sense!

My favorite Iona Cove

My journey will continue on as my story unfolds! I am very grateful I have given myself this amazing gift! I am enjoying my new self and context for my life. I’ll share some photos as and when the first batch of rock polishing is complete!

*The featured image is a photo I took this recent visit to Iona. I had to climb quite high to get the view. I was on a treasure hunt, looking for a cove I had stumbled upon during my first visit. I was able to find the cove and got some great rocks!

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4 responses to “Rewriting Your Story”

  1.  Avatar

    I have shared this forward, as it so appealed to me, I am pretty sure it will resonate with many others.. Well done

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    1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

      Thank you so much! I really appreciate this! ❤️


  2.  Avatar

    A brilliant post, well written and I love the concept of choosing to grow out of our old limiting selves, and deciding to rewrite our story. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Thank you for writing your truth its greatly inspiring x

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    1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

      Thank you so much for your comment! I agree, choosing to grow out of our old limiting selves, and deciding to rewrite our story is a great concept and a lovely way to live! Thanks for reading and so glad you enjoyed the post!


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