Living a life of possibility - Werner Erhard

Creating a Future of Possibility

Imagine what life would be like without judgment. As far as I can tell, judgment is pervasive and automatic: we do it without realizing. We judge ourselves and we judge others. We have opinions and we make comparisons. Our brain does this in split seconds and before we know it, our opinion or judgment is being thought and/or spoken. In order to do this we must access the past.

Definition of judgment: the process of forming an opinion or evaluation by discerning and comparing.

I’ve been thinking about the recent guidance I received: “Your past is a lie, it’s not who you are.” (You can read more about it here.) Believing this to be true, it follows that all judgments I’ve had about myself are lies too. It’s a mind blower. How do I carry on without a past? What if I judged myself as being a failure based on a story I made up from perceptions in my past. If the past isn’t true, then I can no longer identify myself as a failure.

How Does This work?

What if I come across a new situation that reminds me about a time when I failed at something? My mind is going to kick into high gear and make me hyper-vigilant, super careful, and whatever else it thinks I need in order to avoid making a mistake and feeling stupid. All this hype and fear inevitably gets in the way and a mistake is made. I am left with what I was trying to avoid.

And as the mind goes, day in and day out – comparing and judging, assessing and evaluating millions of pieces of information – in order to keep us “safe.”

But if the Past is a Lie?

I would have to slow down my brain process somehow and examine any thoughts or feelings that comes up and say to them – you are not true, you are based on a past that is a lie. I’m getting better at catching myself, but it’s tough. I still believe my thoughts and become identified with them. I still judge myself too and have to try not to fall into the trap – judging myself on how often I judge myself!


What’s needed is to become a neutral observer. No judgment whatsoever – which translates into no more suffering. As much as possible, observe your thoughts and feelings, knowing they are based on a perceived past that isn’t true. Watch them and observe with neutrality. Suffering comes when we succumb to their temptations and believe them, allowing them to define who we are:

You know you’re a failure . . . you’re not good enough . . . that person over there is smarter than you . . . you’re getting too old for this . . . who do you think you are . . . you’re a fake . . . give it up

  1. Don’t try and change them
  2. Watch them as if you are watching from outside yourself
  3. Know it’s all a lie based on the past
  4. These thoughts are fear based, not love based
  5. Have compassion for your mind, knowing it’s only trying to keep you safe
  6. Have compassion for yourself, be kind and gentle
Responsible Co-Creation
Living a life of possibility - Werner Erhard

Who I am is the possibility of ______________.  Let’s say as an example:

  • Who I am is the possibility of living from wholeness.
  • I am the possibility of the possibility of living with peace.
  • Who I am is the possibility of living without a past.
  • Who I am is the possibility of safety for every student in school.

These creations must come from a deep sense of passion, something that excites you and defines who you are in every moment. Something that can be stated enthusiastically and when spoken – believed and unquestioned by others. It is who you are!

Give it a try! Take some time and really think about it. Come up with a few and test them out in front of family and friends – see how you’re doing by their reactions. If you stun them into silence – you’ve got the perfect one!!! Please share below any thoughts!!

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5 responses to “Creating a Future of Possibility”

  1. AmyRose🌹 Avatar

    Great write, Donna! I agree and I don’t agree. I agree when others base me on my past for that is not who I am today, that I do know for a fact. I agree when doubt creeps in because of a past failure which if I allow it would effect my present. I disagree for the simple reason that if my past was a lie, I have nothing to base my present day with nor can I assist myself by improving me. But to use the past to pull me down, no. To use the past to assist me with my Life Journey yes. I’ve also left much of my past behind me (literally do not remember it) because that just does not apply to who I am today. A very good friend of mine often told me … don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. This post reminded me of those words. There is purpose for the past …. but it is up to us individually to figure that out with healthy means.

    Thank you for this post. You have got me thinking ….. 😘

    Liked by 2 people

    1. DonnaG Avatar

      Hi Amy! It’s taking me some time to try and fit into this too. Your points are good points. I think what it’s had me do is loosen a grip on the past, have me stop and think before I assign an absolute truth to something that was really just a perception. There’s some things in my life that really need re-inventing without the past influence and that feels exciting. It’s food for thought. I’m still working with it to see how it fits into my life. Thanks for your input, much appreciated!! Much love to you!!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. AmyRose🌹 Avatar

        I’ve been doing more thinking, Donna. Are we not the sum of our past, present and yes future? Would we BE who we today are if not for our past? The really “bad stuff” I’ve actually erased …. truly. Then someone crosses paths with me who reminds me of a long ago time and that is when I go within to see what this is all about. Huh. Anyways … I’ve reinvented me from someone who had no clue who I was. Perhaps this person who crossed paths with me is to remind me how FAR I have come and to have so much respect for myself because of it. Yep, that feels right. Thank you for this conversation. I LOVE to share with like-minded souls to put on the table multiple ideas to talk about and perhaps even see things differently too. NICE!!! 🌸🌸

        Liked by 2 people

        1. DonnaG Avatar

          It’s great to discuss stuff like this – I really like it too!! We get to see new ways to look at stuff. You actually invented yourself, yes, from a past you don’t remember. What is neat is when we don’t react in a situation when we are triggered from a past we don’t remember – but to be able to take a pause and create ourselves in the moment. This takes a lot of thought and practice because of how the brain works. It’s programmed to watch for anything that may harm us! You have come really far, you know who you are and you also have lots of choice how you act in the moment as opposed from reacting from an unconscious past. That person who crossed your path from your past could have caused a reaction, but because you have done so much clearing out – it didn’t happen. Awesome!! Great conversation – thanks so much!!!

          Liked by 2 people

          1. AmyRose🌹 Avatar

            Yes, Donna, this has been a great conversation. So much to think about. How exciting to know I can connect with some like this on my Journey. How wonderful this means of conversation is!!

            Liked by 2 people

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