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Finding Your Humanity in Times of Stressful and Uncertain World Politics

When it comes to the topic of transformation, Werner Erhard is my go-to person.  I recently watched a video on compassion with Werner and Dr. Jim Doty, one of the world’s leading neurosurgeons.  I found it extremely beneficial in that I learned we, as humans, are hard-wired to care, it’s our default state and it’s how we function.  As it turns out, compassion is the most optimal state for our health.  When the heart and brain are working together, there are many, many benefits to us as humans.  It’s also been proven medically that we are made to care.

I was reminded of this watching a nature program recently.  I watched a scene I’ve witnessed many times – a baby animal is too weak to survive, and the mother decides to feed the strong ones, leaving the weaker one to die.  It’s very hard to witness.  In another scenario, a mother and father duck were taking their two babies across a treacherous passing to get to food.  One chick got carried off in the currents, unable to catch up to its parents.  The chick was lost forever and would die.

Finding Your Humanity in Times of Stressful and Uncertain World Politics

The parents kept going with the little chick who was keeping up – there was no other choice for them.  I can project all I want onto the duck parents – “Oh man, go get that baby!!  It’s going to die!!  Don’t you care?” It’s not going to change the nature of nature.

This is heart-breaking to us humans who are wired to care.  Animals in nature are wired for survival.  They don’t possess the higher brain – the neocortex which gives them the ability to care.

In a similar scenario with the ducks, a human father would have seen to it that the mother and child with her were safe before leaving to get the other one.  The instinct to save the wayward child would’ve been very strong and damn-near impossible to ignore.  It’s what allows people to lift cars off someone trapped underneath!

When you find your humanity, caring is there.  –Werner Erhard

At the end of the video, a woman asked a question regarding what’s going on in the world, specifically referring to the issue of millions of refugees – what’s going on with humanity that this situation is ok?  Werner stated: “Fear makes people less human.”  Jim answered with the following:

The problem is that when you create fear, it results in people doing things that are not fundamentally natural to them because they go into their stress mode and they don’t become more open, they become less open.  If you look at our political situation you see a fear narrative and a group of people who are terrified and who then create “the other” in an artificial narrative that “there’s not enough” or “something’s being taken from me” or “somebody’s taking advantage.”  Then you objectify the other and you justify doing horrible things.

In a state of fear, it becomes a case of me versus them; this is how it happens that we remain separate from each other.  We forget to consider other people’s experiences and what they may have been through in their life.  Instead, we objectify others, we judge them, and in doing so we lose our humanity.

It’s not just against others we do this – we do it with ourselves.  And that’s the problem.  We judge ourselves; we’re hard on ourselves; we get stressed and close our hearts – losing our humanity.

Jim shared something I’ve heard many times and I wholeheartedly agree with – Act how you wish others to act.  Kindness pays forward, it changes other people when we’re kind to them and also benefits us as well.  Give the gift of being kind and nonjudgmental – to others and yourself.

The one thing we all share and have in common is our humanity.  I was watching a scene in the movie “War Horse” where two opposing soldiers came together to free a horse who was caught in barbed wire.  The shooting stopped for an act of kindness and caring.  Both sides understood what was happening and naturally created a space in time for the fighting to stop.  At that point, ‘the war’, something which goes against our very nature, was put aside and the soldiers worked together to free the horse.

I’ve also heard about this happening on Christmas day during wartime.  Both examples show that something bigger than fighting and winning a war were present: An opportunity to express real caring, which is the truth of who we are, superseded the violence.

Let’s put our wars aside and be kind to each other.  We can start by being kind to ourselves and our families, then move out from there.

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9 responses to “Finding Your Humanity in Times of Stressful and Uncertain World Politics”

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  2. AmyRose🌹 Avatar

    How desperately Compassion is needed in this world, Donna. The dis-connect between human beings is just awful! How did a phone get to be more important than a human? How did politics, the news, and medicine become so powerful that the fear they all generate has become a living breathing organism? Even I am effected and I constantly have to tell myself no this is NOT reality! I am deliberately observing people wherever I go to approach at least one to say something encouraging to. I so miss the good old times when I used to walk into a gym, for an example, and everyone just about knew one another, willing to work out with one another, or spot another, or just hang together for a few moments to TALK. The other day the music went off at the gym and instead of what you would think you would hear, grunts and groans and noises usually made by those who are working out, there was almost complete silence! It was eerie! We all need to start caring, and making noises, and talking, and reaching out to others. I had a Heart-to-Heart with another woman the other day around my age, and I actually thanked her for that conversation. She in turn did the same. My goodness, now we find ourselves thanking others for talking? I am SO determined to start a movement here where I live that no matter where I go, I reach out to others. I’m doing this, Donna! I am so DONE with this world that spreads fear and anguish and pain. We live in a beautiful world! Let us all return to that world!! 🌺

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AmyRose🌹 Avatar

      I’m going to put this video on my phone so that when I go for a walk I can listen to this video. Thank you so much, Donna!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. DonnaG Avatar

        Awesome!! You will really love it!!

        Liked by 1 person

    2. DonnaG Avatar

      Hi Amy! You are right on and I commend you for taking kindness literally into your own hands!! It needs to start with the one’s who have truly found this out – like you! I also have to keep telling myself that most of the stuff out there isn’t real and meant to put fear into people. Gosh, what a weird sensation I felt when you described the “silence” at the gym – very unsettling. It goes to show you we’ve forgotten what the sound of our own selves is like without technology, the radio, TV, etc. I am so happy to hear you are taking action and being a person out in the world who is being kindness – that’s awesome!! Wonderfully expressed too!! Amen – let’s return to that world indeed!! Thank you Amy for your comment and your dedication and commitment to making the world a better, kinder place to live!! Much love to you!! Donna

      Liked by 1 person

      1. AmyRose🌹 Avatar

        Donna, that moment at the gym was really eerie. I go out of my way to moan and groan and grunt and make all kinds of appropriate noises as I work out hard. You better believe I do get looks but that is why I do it darn it! That is what a gem is for for, for crying out loud! Yes I have my own music going on but that does not stop me from breathing right and for making those noises that I need to make expressing how hard I am working out. And if we wait for the other guy to start a movement, or if we wait for the other guy to make the first move, we will wait an eternity. As I keep stressing over and over and over again, everything begins with us. If we want something Don, do it! If we want to be treated a certain way, treat others that way! if I cannot stand this distance and the disrespect. It is so wrong! I really enjoyed this post. May you know that there is at least one woman in this world who cares and who is doing her best to get people to understand what is important is the human race and not a phone. Thank you again for this post! 😙

        Liked by 1 person

        1. DonnaG Avatar

          Well that makes two of us then!!! Glad we are on the same team – much love!! Donna

          Liked by 1 person

  3. AmyRose🌹 Avatar

    Oh good! Another post from you! I will return when I have time. Promise!

    Liked by 1 person

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