Don't interfere with nature - A Fledgling's Message

A Fledgling’s Message

One of life’s Golden Rule’s I appreciate is: Don’t interfere with nature. It’s always served me and is completely common sense. Well, I found myself violating this rule when I came face to face with a fledgling, one I’d been watching for days, trying to hide under a small fern.

Baby Blue Tits were nesting in a bird box in my yard and I had been watching their heads poking out of the nest for a couple of days – knowing they were growing and getting ready to fledge. Below was the first one to leave the nest!

It must have been day 19 – the amount of days from birth to fledge for the Blue Tit – I knew it was close. At first, I hadn’t realized at least one chick had already left the nest. It wasn’t until I saw the parents acting differently that I realized they started to fledge. Later on that evening, I saw a very small bird hopping across the yard, moving towards a small fern. I thought – Oh my Gosh – it must be one of my babies who has fallen from the box, it can’t even fly!! This is the one below:

The neighbor’s cat is going to kill it!!
I have to put this baby bird back in it’s box so it will be safe until it can fly!

I thought: if I put on some gloves, I can scoop it up and place it back in the box. If it tries to fly off – I’ll leave it there, if it let’s me scoop it up – I’ll place it back. So I went over to it with gloves on and was able to scoop it up. I placed it back in the bird box. It went in ok and I noticed at least one other bird in the box so I felt like it would be safe over night and the parents would be back to feed it.

I had peace of mind that the bird would be safe from the cat.

However, later I read that baby Blue Tits fledge before they can fly! They stay on the ground for a couple of days, strengthening their flight feathers. Oh my God – I interfered with this baby bird’s process!! I felt horrible. I broke nature’s Golden Rule.

I quickly apologized to the baby bird, it’s parents and to Mother Nature!

The next morning I could see there were two other smaller babies in the nest with the one I returned. After watching them for a few hours, I saw my bird fly out of the box into a nearby tree! I felt so relieved and could see it would be safe from the cat now because it could fly!

I thought, why did I put myself through this experience? The message I received was: Fear not! You can leave the nest before you even know you can fly! Watch the baby birds – they have the instinct to leave the nest before their flight wings are ready!

6 responses to “A Fledgling’s Message”

  1. Julia Preston Avatar

    Thank you for sharing your insight, wisdom, and compassion. Obviously you are wired correctly. I wish everybody was!


    1. DonnaG Avatar

      Thanks Julia! As the saying goes: takes one to know one! Hope you are well!

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  2. Rajinder Avatar

    I liked the write up and got new knowledge regarding the baby birds

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    1. DonnaG Avatar

      Hi Raj, glad you liked it and learned something new about baby birds!!! Hope you are well!


  3. AmyRose🌹 Avatar

    Donna, the baby Robins do the very same thing … they fledge before they fly. It is nerve wracking to watch especially in past years when I had cats to supervise so they would not attack those birds. I did not always succeed. This year I THINK I can breathe more easily because Jersey is the only cat left outside and she is not a hunter. Yes we still have wild cats roaming about so I still have to be on guard a bit.
    And funny how we tend to “live” what we write. LOL That has happened to me so many times! There were times in the past that I did interfere with Nature and that was when Tee (outside cat who no longer is with us) would torture a mouse or rabbit. I would mercy kill with a very sharp knife. I could not just sit by and watch this horror. Some cats will roughly play with a live victim until it is finally dead. Other cats will bring down a hunt quickly and efficiently. I prefer the later. LOVED your pictures!! Very cool!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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    1. DonnaG Avatar

      Hi Amy! Cool about the Robins. It is nerve wracking and I was so worried about the baby birds – and I’ve been out of town since too, made it harder for me to leave, but I’ve told the neighbors to keep an eye out. So glad you loved my photos, just a point and shoot Nikon, means a lot coming from you!! Took many hours of watching to get those – as I know you understand!! Much love to you! Donna

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