What is Your Soul Desiring to Express? A Message From Two Great Inspectors!

Soul's Passion

I love synchronicity. I watched an episode of Agatha Christie’s Poirot and an Inspector Morse within a couple of days of each other.  Just so happens, the two episodes were similar – I unknowingly chose to watch the episodes where each inspector dies.  I saw the last episode of Poirot and the last episode of Morse.  Incredible, I thought: How can that be . . . and why?

While watching, my mind was busy saying: Oh my gosh, Poirot is the only one who knows who the killer is and he’s going to take it to his grave?  Same for Morse – he figured out who the killer was just as he was having a heart attack – Oh no!  He can’t die now; Lewis will never figure it all out!

Luckily, Poirot wrote everything out in a letter for Hastings.  The killer was caught, and justice served.  Morse was able to recover enough to let Lewis know who the killer was just minutes before he died and minutes before the killer got away.  Good thing!  I thought.  And sad too – sorry to lose two great inspectors!

Only Poirot and Morse were able to catch the killer. No one else was capable.

More Signs

At the time, my knee had been really bothering me, enough to get my attention.  I asked my higher self a question one night before going to sleep, wanting an answer about my knee pain and wondering about the two TV episodes I watched.  Was there anything to the synchronicity and what was my body telling me?

I woke up with an answer.  Interesting what I received, and very simple:

Write what you need to write before you die. Only you can write what you need to write – just like only Morse and Poirot, dedicated and intelligent to the end, were the ones capable of solving the crime – you are the only one who can write what you need to write.

Turns out my knee was trying to slow me down, to have me listen.  I was doing lots of DIY work and focused on getting things done.  My body wanted me to slow down and be open to messages.

I pay attention to messages because some part of myself is operating outside the conscious mind, helping me identify my soul’s intended path.  It’s true, only I can write what needs to be written by me, what my soul wants me to write, something before I leave this Earth.  Only you can paint that picture, or photograph that flower the way you can.

It’s a great perspective really: each of us is unique in our creations and only we can create what we create – no one else can do what we do.

We all know this but sometimes it’s nice to have a reminder.

The synchronicity demonstrated that there’s a part of me who wants to pay attention and listen, and who wants to know there’s something for me to create.  It’s obviously important too, something I was meant to do here in this lifetime, something I need to make sure I do before I die (don’t leave knowing your creation died with you).  This part also wanted me to get the message out to others just in case people were putting off creating their next creation – and to slow down and listen to the inner creative voice!  I’m really looking forward to what’s next!

Anything coming up for you to create?  No time like the present!  Have you noticed any synchronicities lately?  Has anyone or anything been trying to get your attention? Have a look around and jot down any observations.  Ask your higher self for guidance, our higher self is always ready to help us!

If you haven’t done so – take the time to introduce yourself to your higher self right before you go to sleep tonight.  Begin to nurture that valuable relationship!

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12 thoughts on “What is Your Soul Desiring to Express? A Message From Two Great Inspectors!

  1. Synchronicity is magic! It is confirmation that I am on the right path and that I am being shown the way. Thank you so much for your very thought-provoking post. It reminds me that it is not so much a matter of WHAT I write, but THAT I write. I never have a clue about what may come through as I write, or where it is going, or if it will, in fact, ever go ANYwhere! I only know that in this lifetime it is my job, my calling, the thing I do best, my gotta do. Tells you something about my cooking, right? Enjoy your new kitchen, and happy healing to your knee. Thanks so much Donna. I can’t wait to see what’s next up your sleeve! If your aim is to open our eyes to the possibility within ourselves, you’ve aced it. Good on ya! Cheers! Julia

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    1. Hey Julia! Yes, really it’s just about writing, as you say – takes the pressure off. So much can come through. My book showed up as scenes in my head as I was walking on a bike path near where I grew up! You never know how it can come. Have you read: The Artist’s Way? The first time I used that book, a year ago, I got through chapter 4 and decided to self-publish my book. I’m going through it again with some friends and I’ve been getting interesting stuff, I posted 4 posts this month – that’s good for me! The morning pages works wonders – give it a look if you aren’t already familiar with it. I also realized that my DIY projects are part of my creativity – so it’s cool! The new kitchen is great! I like what you wrote about my aim: to open eyes to the possibility within – cool! Thanks Julia!! Take care!! Donna


      1. Yes, I once facilitated a class in The Artist’s Way and faithfully did the morning pages for one year. It is a powerful technique. Took myself out on an artists’ date to sit by the dock of the bay and went home and immediately wrote a little vignette about it in my self-published book, Amusings. I should take myself out more often–it’s very creatifying. (Love to make up words as I go!) What is the name of your book? I’d like to check it out! Love self publishing! Like blogging, there’s no one to squash creativity! Looking forward to more!

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        1. I had a feeling you would be familiar with the Artist’s Way book. I do my pages, but my artist’s dates have been to DIY stores!! How great you have also self-published a book, Amusings – great name!! My book is called The Path to My Heart and it’s on Amazon. You can go to my home page and Introduction page to read more about it. Self-publishing is great, lots to learn, and yes – no one to squash creatifying!! Love that word too!


  2. Ahhh what a nice reminder!! You’re so right, we are unique and we shouldn’t hold back on our talents, creative or otherwise, because nobody else can do what we do! Thank you for sharing & I hope your knee gets better soon. x

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  3. Oh my gosh, Donna! This post is spot on with me and you know it as well because of the post you read on my blog. Something has burst forth within me acknowledging that NOW is the time to move forward in New with my photography. Where I am going or what I will be doing I couldn’t tell you but this I do know. I will be shown. I will be given clues. I will flow because the accumulation of years and years worth of dedication have come to the point of diving off. I climbed all those many stairs to make it to the high diving board and now now I am ready to swan dive. I don’t think I have ever felt this strongly about something ever before. I just KNOW. During the time I was wrestling with my Mom’s death, much of my life came into review by me and much of what I saw I did not like. Deep within me a desire birthed to have the opportunity to get my feet firmly on the Creativity Path using both camera and the written word. How my Heart yearned to use the Talents God has given me to their fullest. Your post is the THIRD confirmation that something huge is happening in my life right now. ALL aspects of my life are aligned! ALL! There are no more obstacles! AND …. in sharing with you about receiving a Gift from my Mom, I am stretching out her Gift in order for that money to still not be all spent. How glorious!! THANK YOU for being a synchronous event in my life! Bless you for listening to you! (((HUGS))) Amy🌹

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    1. Hey Amy! I read your post and thought – wow, here’s Amy really going for it with her creativity and she is demonstrating the message I received! It’s all synchronistic! I’m very excited for you, your talent is amazing and God-given!! You are open and listening, and I’m looking forward to witnessing and enjoying more of your creativity!! I am truly excited for you!!! Much love to you! 🌺🌷😃❤️Donna

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      1. Hey, Donna! You betcha there has been a lot of synchronicity in my life lately! I don’t think I have ever witnessed the “flow effect” to this extent. I am blown away! SO excited and as soon as I get paid for the 3 lenses I’m selling, immediately I will order that new camera. I could now but … it feels better to do it this way. I’ll be able to see how low the “bill” is and that to me is important. I’m learning how to stretch a dollar (even more then I do now) and to bargain! Way cool! To think I still have some “Gift from Mom” left too is so exciting!! Much Love to you!! 💝💝💝

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