Welcome to my Blog!!

Thank you for visiting my website and blog! My blog contains insights I have gained along The Path to My Heart that I hope will be of benefit to you. It is more of an “Epilogue” to the story in my book which continues to live on in my experiences as a timeline of sorts that moves and grows with me.

Please note: My blog posts are not like my book. 

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My book is a light-hearted story about becoming whole by finding my pieces. My pieces are the main characters in my book. They each take on their own personality and face their demons in order to heal themselves.  I love my book and I hope you will too! It truly is an inspiring journey!


There is a lot of information written regarding trauma, fractured and/or splintered pieces, parts of self, dissociation, disorders such as schizophrenia and Dissociative Identity Disorder. For the purposes of my blog, the awareness and insights shared here with you are from my own personal growth experiences. Although I have a Master’s degree in Community Mental Health Counseling, my own personal growth through negative ego clearing and “Genetic Pathcutting” (healing ancestral line and family of origin through various levels of clearing and releasing old cellular patterns that are held in human DNA) is my passion as this ultimately helps others.

I will also be referring to and quoting information from my own Resources as they have contributed greatly to my awakening!

Please only take what resonates and disregard the rest. 1245640714631405606oksmith_screech_owl.svg.thumb

Have I reached the end of my own story – fully integrating all the aspects and pieces of myself into my heart?

Read about my adventures in this blog!


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