Welcome to my Blog!!

Thank you for visiting my blog!

My blog contains insights I’ve gained along The Path to My Heart which I hope will be of benefit to you.

It’s possible for you to live your life:

  • from love
  • filled with possibility
  • free from negative thinking
  • with true choice

WARNING: There is no pill to wipe away sorrow or heal repeating vicious patterns in our lives. No magician can rid us of negative beliefs or dark emotions. It’s just not possible to wish these things away. We can intend and have a willingness – these both work in getting us started into making lasting changes, changes for a more fulfilling life.

We believe we have choice, but what are our choices based upon? It’s our past. Our brain refers to past experiences to make our choices for us – so it’s not us making the choices – it’s our past experiences and how our brain has recorded them. That’s why our negative patterns repeat themselves.

We receive reasons and justifications and use these to make choices:

  • I choose chocolate because I like chocolate, or
  • my friend likes chocolate, or
  • they say chocolate is good for me, or
  • who would like me if I said vanilla

The true power lies in choosing for choice sake: I choose chocolate because I choose chocolate. When we are free to make choices based on the present moment – we can live a freer life.

In my blog I share my own experiences with healing negative beliefs, ending vicious cycles, facing fear and allowing negative emotions to surface without judgment. Please join me if you are interested in finding your own truth and a possibility for lasting healing!

I will also be referring to and quoting information from my own Resources as they have contributed greatly to my awakening!

Please only take what resonates and disregard the rest. 1245640714631405606oksmith_screech_owl.svg.thumb

Have I reached the end of my own story – fully integrating all the aspects and pieces of myself into my heart?

I share about my awakening adventures here in my posts!


I also have a book!  

more info

My book is a light-hearted story about becoming whole by finding my pieces. My pieces are the main characters in my book. They each take on their own personality and face their demons in order to heal themselves.  I love my book and I hope you will too! It truly is an inspiring journey!

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