Are You Listening . . .

Are you Listening?

Awareness and listening are both very important components of communication. There may be a variety of things outside our conscious awareness trying to get our attention for a chance to interact with us. The subtle and varied ways they use to get our attention can sometimes be tough to interpret and may slip under our radar. The trick is knowing that it’s possible, and understanding that messages can come from anywhere at anytime.

As an example, I personally know many people who talk to trees. Who’s to say the trees aren’t talking back? If we were to somehow open our awareness and knowing that it’s possible for trees to communicate with us, then maybe we could catch the signals or better understand the keys to their language. Communicating with Mother Earth is a very exciting prospect indeed! I believe it’s already happening.

Image by Darkmoon_Art from Pixabay

Why not? We share the same planet and by being in sync through communication would be a great benefit. There are dog whisperers and horse whisperers. If you have a pet, you know they will sometimes go out of their way to get your attention. They each have their own way of communicating different things and needs. It may be the pet’s instinct at work, like a dog barking at a stranger, but we can use this form of communication to better understand where they may be coming from. Cats can just give you a look and you get their drift!

Manifestation may also be a form of communication. What I place my attention on gets noticed and carries weight. For example, the other day I was looking at a suppression-type curtain rod I had hung up in the bathroom window – thinking, “Wow that’s held up there for quite some time now!” I noticed the thought enough to get my conscious attention – it wasn’t just a passing through. The next morning, the curtain had fallen down. Well, no surprise there!

Is it the chicken or the egg? Did I know the future – that the curtain rod was about to fall? Is that why I was so focused on it? Or was the curtain rod trying to get my attention? I don’t have the answer to that. But a few weeks later, the exact same thing happened again, this time in the living room. So no more focusing on or having thoughts about curtain rods!

Here’s the inspiration for this post: This past Saturday, I was looking forward to going to a local county fair for the day. As I was getting ready, I noticed something different. My stuffed camel, named Cammie I bought in Egypt the last time I visited, caught my attention. He sits on my clothes dresser, most of the time going unnoticed. That morning however, I was walking past my dresser and lo and behold – Cammie was staring at me and getting my attention. He looked very cute and had so much love in his eyes. Again, I found myself really consciously paying attention.

I left the house, not really giving Cammie another thought. Midway through the day on the fair grounds, I came across some alpaca’s in a fenced-in area. We were allowed to pet them. They were so cute and really furry, I had to give it a go. It was lovely to visit with them. Around the corner a man was selling stuffed alpaca toys. I was looking at them and thought, I have to have one! At the same time, there was a little boy also looking – his mother saying “I knew this would be right up your alley!” I helped him pick out a cute one with a nice face. We purchased our stuffed alpaca’s and had a good laugh, playing with them a bit with each other. It was a heartfelt encounter and the boy and his mother left with big smiles on their faces!

Then it dawned on me – Oh my goodness, Cammie! He must have known that I would be coming home with his new wife! Could he have been full of love and also telling me: “GET MY WIFE!! GET MY WIFE!!” I had to laugh! Yes, I thought. It’s the only explanation.

It was a double blessing! Having a heartfelt encounter with that boy, and Cammie’s wife Allie coming home to him! Yes, he was communicating with me. I had no idea what he was saying at the time, but figured it out soon enough – and good thing too! The pair are happily together now, looking extra cute!

If a stuffed camel and alpaca can talk – the sky’s the limit! Who or what is trying to get your attention? It could be a loved one who has passed, or that still small voice trying to help you. It’s a simple matter of listening and noticing where your attention goes. If you do notice a sign or sense an energy trying to communicate, you may not know or realize it at the time what it means, but make a mental note and you will be sure to find out at some point!

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11 thoughts on “Are You Listening . . .

  1. Big. big, big thank you Donna.  I love it.  I know I am one of the people you know who talks to trees.  Love your blog.  Love you, Gwen

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  2. Oh….. I so, so, loved this post… and listening to your voice as well… I smiled all the way through… Because yes.. I talk to the trees, and if you really listen.. they talk back and I talk to my plants too.

    My house plants especially Tell me when they need watering… Its like I pass them and I will sort of hear them in my head… Don’t forget I need some water today.. and If I get busy and forget next time I pass the message gets louder then another plant shouts up ME TOO! 😉 lol
    So I relate to your curtain rail story and Cammie…

    I was picking raspberries the other day and I thought be careful or you will drop the half filled container… Sure enough only two minutes later the container slipped out from my hand and I was picking raspberries off the grass..

    I just love Alpaca’s and they are so very cute.. And wonderful that you were able to interact for a while to make that little boy laugh and smile..

    My daughter has a menagerie of soft toys each with their own special little characters of personality.. 🙂 One in fact was celebrating his 45th birthday yesterday… A knitted donkey called Moo-ky Boy… because when she was a child she thought it was a cow LOL.. It was given her when she was born.. And has had lots of tender loving care and a few overhauls too … But he is very talkative! 😀 and got quite jealous when a foxy lady called Charlotte turned up on the scene.. 😉
    So I am delighted Cammie now has Allie for company… I am sure his contented look will continue to hold that gleam in his eyes..

    Much love and really enjoyed Donna.. ❤

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    1. Hi Sue! I love your comment – so many good stories within it! House plants are like pets – they do talk! It’s amazing when the world of communication opens up how many things want to join in! Sounds like your daughter completely understands too – her donkey sounds lovely, and I’ve seen Charlotte the Fox on your blog – looks like she has attitude!! I get it about the raspberries – same has happened to me ‘don’t spill it!!!’ Crazy! Cammie is still smiling, and Allie is feeling right at home! It’s a wonderful world to join, where so many things are there waiting for us to say hi! Thanks again for your sharing Sue!! Much love, Donna

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  3. What a wonderful and endearing post. There are those who may say that you’re crazy, but I’m not one of them. Yesterday I cried over a beloved tree that was taken down limb by limb. It felt as if my own limbs were being dismantled along with it. Years ago I declared an intense dislike of my brand new car and it responded with a vengeance—a lesson never forgotten. Cars and curtain rods communicate. If we’re smart enough to listen, there is much to be learned. Many good wishes to Cammie and Allie. May they—and you—enjoy a long and happy life together. Blessings to all!

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    1. Hi Julia! Thank you for your great comment! You truly do understand. I’m with you on feeling the loss of that tree- very sad. Very interesting about your car too – almost like you two had a past life together. The energy is palpable. Cammie and Allie thank you for the good wishes, they are both doing well and send you blessings too! Take care and thank you again!!

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