Easier said than done! Since the Divine Demonstration I experienced a few weeks ago, and my return to innocence, I am beginning to notice how hard it is for me to relax. When my mind was fully engaged in trying to solve the world’s problems (an irrational belief), I had no idea how much stress this placed on my body or how it had become an acceptable and usual way of being. It was so much a part of my day-to-day life – I didn’t even notice it. Kind of like how a fish doesn’t notice the water.

Time to Relax

Since my mind is no longer focused on this impossible task and holding my body for ransom, and as I continue to release my earthly burdens to God, I’ve become more and more aware of my inclination to hold stress in my body. It really is a nasty habit, one I didn’t realize I mastered until I tried to let go. I also didn’t realize how detrimental it’s been carrying the weight of heavy mind-burdens around like sacks of sand. I feel like I’m just learning how to relax, or rather, unlearning using my body to carry stress and dropping the sand bags all together.

Because I didn’t realize I was holding stress – it takes a conscious effort on my part to quiet the mind and allow my body to relax. I’m on the computer a lot, so my eye muscles are brutally tight and very stressed. My eyeglass prescription keeps increasing and I do believe this is because the shape of my eyeball has been effected by the tight muscles. Also my jaw is very tight and aches. These are the two main areas of stress in my body – I wonder why it’s hard to rest or sleep some nights?

Who am I without these burdens to occupy my mind and damage my body? Who would I be if I relaxed into the ease and flow of life? Why am I like this? Why does my mind need to be occupied trying to solve an impossible equation?

Those are great questions. I feel I will get to the answers in time, or maybe it doesn’t matter. Actually, I don’t really want to send my mind on another wild goose chase trying to solve something that it can’t. I’d better release all these questions to my higher self to deal with! As I’ve stated in many of my posts, there are no life sentences of suffering from our own hand. We can all transform suffering into creativity and living a life we love. It takes intention and willingness to let go of old patterns.

Just the simple gesture of consciously lifting my eyes off the computer screen to have a look out the window gives my body the signal that I’m willing to learn how to relax. In time, this will become a habit and I can count on my body to let me know if and when I need to take a break. I’ll be living more consciously in this area of my life and it feels good to finally be addressing this habit.

It really is nice to be shown! Turning it all over to God really works! As Florence Scovel Shinn says:

I cast the burden on the Christ within and I go free!

As I let go of worry, fear, burdens, suffering, the past and the unknown, my path is being made clear! It’s unmistakeable and very welcomed! I can’t know what’s best for others and I certainly don’t know God’s plans for me – so I learn to relax in the mean time and let it all flow! Let go and let God! Think I’ll go for a walk, look for some cute baby birds and smell some flowers!! Lovely!

Please feel free to comment below, I would love to hear from You!

10 responses to “Time to Relax”

  1. Julia Preston Avatar

    Ah, conscious awareness. It really takes some serious awareness to be conscious, doesn’t it? Thanks for doing the inner work that is before you to do. We all benefit as a result!

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    1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

      Hi Julia! It sure does take serious awareness to be conscious. The pull to fall asleep is very strong – as we can sometimes feel depressed, helpless and unable to make a visual difference. And yes, the inner work really benefits the planet and us all!!

      On another note – I comment on your posts and my comment seems to disappear? Have you been seeing them? Noticed this on your recent post – not sure what’s going on. Was wondering if you found your keys!! Take care! Donna

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      1. Julia Preston Avatar

        Hi Donna! It’s so nice to hear from you. Thanks for your attempt to comment on my posts and no, I haven’t seen them. I’ve experienced the same thing when trying to comment too. Go figure! It’s frustrating, to say the least.

        I found one of the two missing sets of keys—thankfully it was the one with the most important keys on it. 😅 Thank you for asking!

        I’m excited about what’s ahead—better days are coming soon!
        Blessings, Julia

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        1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

          So sorry you haven’t received my comments on your posts. I’ll write to WP about it since it happens on one other blog I comment on. So glad you found one set of keys and it was an important one!! Yes, very excited for what’s ahead – truth! Will be truly remarkable! Take care and many blessings!! Donna

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          1. Julia Preston Avatar

            Thanks Donna. I’ll see you when we get to the next better place!! 🥰

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  2. Sue Dreamwalker Avatar

    So often we don’t realise the stress we are holding onto.. Holding our muscles tense, and even holding our breath..
    I used to hold a meditation class years ago, and I would talk people through relaxing from the top of their head to their toes..
    Each time I began taking that group meditation.. I think I was benefiting as much as my class members, for you do not realise until you focus on relaxing just how tense you had become..

    Nature is a great tool to breathe in and let go….. Its wonderful Donna you are now finding at last the flow as you let go and accept what is, in God’s Universal Plan..

    Just think, if we DID know God’s plan for us.. We would most certainly immediately start to stress and worry over it. 🙂 Best not to know… And just be guided..

    And I think many of us who have been working through our own various levels of deep dives into finding one’s self over the years, We deserve to Relax, and Let Go of expectations, and JUST BE…

    Wishing you a Relaxing week Donna… much love and so enjoyed listening to your voice. 🙂 💛

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    1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

      Hi Sue! Thanks for your great comment! Yes, unless someone points out to us or we become aware do we even realize that we are stressed. Nature is great! I went for a nice stroll yesterday evening, just relaxing as much as possible. Seeing the little birds helps too – they place me in my heart! You mentioned breathing too – I haven’t been a good breather, very shallow which adds to stress. So I’ll add that to my conscious awareness of relaxing – even sighing in my case would be helpful! And, no I also wouldn’t want to know God’s plan for me in advance! lol 🤣 Talk about sabotage and stress!! Have a lovely week Sue!! ❤️ Love, Donna

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      1. Sue Dreamwalker Avatar

        I also have to remind myself to breathe deeper.
        I’ve started an exercise which you breath in deep using your minds eye to breathe in through your throat in the same continuous breath, breathe into your lungs and in the same continuous breath thrn pull that breath into your solar plexus…Hold the breath for a few seconds , then breathe out as slowly as you can..
        I was told this helps open up the lung capacity.
        It really feels after practice that you ate breathing in more air.. 💕

        You too enjoy your week. 💙

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        1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

          Thanks for the tip Sue – I’ll give it a try! I mean, thank God breathing is an automatic thing!! But good to be mindful and help it along when we can!! 🌬❤️


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