Awareness is Power

Awareness is Power

We are told knowledge is power. That may be true, but I also feel awareness in its own right is also very powerful. I looked up Awareness and one definition was: conscious knowledge. I love that phrase, conscious knowledge. Have you ever experienced a time when you’ve heard yourself saying: Wow, I knew that, but now I actually get it! I myself have experienced this many times when I’ve been told something, and then somewhere down the line, lo and behold, I really get it! That knowledge has become conscious. Something inside has awakened.

I knew this, but now I really know it!

Awareness is the state of being conscious of something. More specifically, it is the ability to directly know and perceive, to feel, or to be cognizant of events.


I agree. I bring this up because I have recently become aware of a pattern: how I behave right before a big change. Something within me knows a big change is coming well before I am consciously aware of what’s going on. An appointment set to go off within my internal alarm clock called: ‘a big change is coming’ gets activated. I then go into a spiraling down mode and it’s usually a one-way ticket. I am always amazed how I can unconsciously resist change well before I consciously know it’s going to happen.

Even though the status quo is familiar and comfortable, if it lingers on past its due date, it can get moldy and stale and have an “I’ve overstayed my welcome” kind of feel. The alarm goes off and activates my behavior change. Life becomes a drudgery and it’s suddenly hard. It’s an outward sign that something is going on behind the scenes.

Get a clue!

It’s happened to me so many times I’ve even named it: My Death Spiral. I get frustrated, crotchety and withdraw. I can’t be bothered. I don’t want to know. I trudge on, even though moving ahead gets harder and harder and I get tireder and tireder – doesn’t matter. My mind tells me: Facing change means work! My energy is tied up in the pattern trying to maintain the status quo – and so it goes, the pattern continues on, taking me with it, spiraling down.

This behavior and pattern can go on for weeks, even months if it remains unconscious. Through years of working with this pattern though, I can at least now begin to recognize the signs. It’s a vicious one. The fatigue of resisting what’s going on contributes to my withdrawal and not wanting to face what’s coming. It feeds itself as I weaken. It becomes personal – the worst thing that can happen. “What’s wrong with me, I’m crotchety and negative.”

Like I said, I have lots of experience with change and how it effects me. It’s a matter of knowing the signs and waking up from the spell – calling a spade a spade. I must see the pattern for the pattern’s sake, and not as something that’s wrong with me. It’s not personal. It’s a matter of fact – change is coming. Having this awareness will create the space needed for things to effortlessly shift.

Getting back to knowledge and awareness. In this instance, I have the knowledge that something’s off with me. Great, it’s a good start. But as I move into – this is familiar, I’ve been through this before, I gain awareness (conscious knowing) by identifying the pattern. It’s no longer personal and I take my power back! Awareness is a powerful step towards healing!

I have now taken a stand and made an intention to shift my focus. I see the pattern and know what it is – I have conscious knowledge about it. I am aware. I am also aware that once I set my intention to create space for change to happen, it will happen with ease and flow. I am now a cause in the matter of change, and no longer at the effect of my pattern. The fear is gone as I am the one now doing the inviting.

There remains always two choices. The choice is in attitude. I can resist it kicking and screaming or I can make space and invite it in because, no matter what, the change is coming. It’s inevitable. So I choose to enjoy the time I have before things change and look forward with anticipation to a smooth transition.

When We Are No Longer Able To Change A Situation, We Are Challenged To Change Ourselves.  Everything Can Be Taken From A Man But One Thing: The Last Of The Human Freedoms—To Choose One’s Attitude In Any Given Set Of Circumstances, To Choose One’s Own Way.

Viktor Frankl

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11 responses to “Awareness is Power”

  1. Sue Dreamwalker Avatar

    What is that saying Donna.. What we resist persists!…. And Its good that you have delved deeper into your awareness of these feelings… Our Subconscious intuitive minds and bodies, which is comprised of our Light and Energy bodies I feel hold this KNOWING well in advance before our Minds kick in…
    We sense often an underlying current that something is about to change, whether that be in our immediate environment, such as home or work front, to the global feeling that something Major is going to shift..

    We are often too caught up within our own day to day activities to realise how we are ‘Reacting’
    Personally I feel on the global front… The ‘Light’ via the influx of energies external into the world is enabling us to discern not only these feelings within ourselves.. But we are each being guided via our own responses to the energy to become more aware… And that is helping others open up more to themselves and their own journey..

    And yes you are so very right.. Awareness is Power.. Because once you do become aware… not only of your own feelings, and patterns, you also become aware of many other cycles of patterns created in this construct we call reality..

    Learning to discern and unpick those patterns when aware of them.. You can no longer Unsee them.. So we break those cycles and patterns others have led us down.

    I feel the world at this present moment is beginning all be it slowly, its beginning to see these cycle, and the Patterns and not all of them are adding up.. So they begin to Question.. And when we start to question and seek answers, in thinking for ourselves… That then brings a greater power…

    For no longer can we be dormant in shutting our eyes, or emotions, and staying in our ruts or comfort zones…
    We have to step into acknowledgment of seeing not all is as we are lead to believe it to be..
    And it all comes right back to what you said here Donna…

    “There remains always two choices. The choice is in attitude. …………” And once you make that space… You allow room for growth.. for then you are open to change and are allowing that flow…
    Energy is like water…. It finds the least resistant path… Yet when blocked that pressure can build and build until it becomes a dam ready to burst… And such dams can create havoc when it floods out all around them, knocking down all in its path.

    The anticipation, of changes to come, is inevitable. for ALL things are in constant motion… Acceptance, doesn’t always mean we like those changes., But in order to grow… We must accept change must happen.

    How we perceive those changes is the key.. And again as you said… Its all about Attitude in allowing our awareness to guide us in those choices..

    Great article Donna…. You always give me plenty of food for thought and make me look deeper within my own awareness..

    Much love my friend ❤ 🙂 ❤

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    1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

      Hi Sue, I love your comment. It’s filled with lots of wisdom and great points. Your water analogy is great – so true, both the flow and the blocked build up. I, myself am talking with people who are beginning to question things. They are starting to notice things and realizing what they are being told isn’t making sense. It’s a very good sign! Change is definitely in the air.

      On one hand we know on the global front, we are in for massive changes. They can’t come soon enough – or maybe not. It could mean lots of upheaval and disillusionment for lots of people. Are we ready? I suppose a baby takes 9 months to gestate to give the parents time to get used to the idea of another life joining them. Feeling the anticipation and the fear of a massive change swung me into an old pattern. It was good to recognize what was going on and slowed me down a bit, allowing for some peace of mind.

      And on the other hand, changes will effect us all on an individual level. Am I ready? As they say: “There’ll never be the ‘right’ time.” I feel we’ll be in the perfect and Divine position to welcome in the changes. We’ll have everything we need. God is good! Interesting times! Thanks again Sue for contributing your insightful thoughts! Much love to you my friend!❤️💐

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      1. Sue Dreamwalker Avatar

        Your welcome Donna… All is in Divine timing.. and the changes even on a global level will affect each of us in different ways… Obviously depending on the changes to come..

        But Did we not transcend the various ‘ Ages’ to arrive at this point in time… There was No, sudden line or leap, or at least we are lead to believe it was a smooth transition as people developed,
        We came through the Bronze Age, the Iron Age.. the Industrial Age… and now we are in the Technological Space Age… 🙂

        Changes throughout civilisation we have read, only through History books, given those history books are correct!! 😉

        So I feel very excited in many ways that we are at this juncture within our current time line period, whereby we are unpicking and unravelling so much.
        And Discovering not only more about our own heritage, and ancient past and origins.. But we are also diving deeper within, discovering the hidden layers that make us who we are.
        And yes that can at times be unpleasant, with what we discover within as we are triggered and our emotions are tweaked into either flight or fight modes.

        One thing I have learnt on this particular journey in this incarnation.. Is to hold love and compassion, and I am learning all be it harder.. To stand back and observe and discern more… Which is meaning I need to go within and tap back into my inbuilt compass…
        Our Intuition… AWARENESS, that is there for ALL of us to tap into… And when we are able to really trust our inner guidance.. We begin to see how Powerful we truly are..

        Much love dearest Donna… My pleasure again in reading and listening to your thoughts.. ❤ ❤

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        1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

          Hi Sue! I completely agree with you – holding love and compassion is the ultimate goal within this environment. It is very challenging to witness and observe, to allow space to let things unfold in Divine timing. So yes, love and compassion is the “way” and the “how” to developing our gifts and greater awareness of who we really are. Perfect! All of our history – several cataclysms – all comes down to now. Now and what we do with it. Now and how we react. Now and who we really are. Incredible really.

          Wouldn’t it be a riot if at the very end of this experience, when all is said and done, the cosmic clock resets us back a million years when we were first created in all our splendor, highly evolved multi-dimensional beings – and we’re like: What do you want to do today? Maybe I’ll have a rest under this lovely tree. Like nothing happened. Who knows!

          In the mean time – I’ll strive for love and compassion! Thanks for this very amazing discussion – Much love my friend!!

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          1. Sue Dreamwalker Avatar

            That reminds me of a book I once read… Years ago.. Where the future lies… and that Book is Bringers of the Dawn… We are the ones bringing it… and it is always the darkest before the Dawn light so they say Donna…
            Much love right back..

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            1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

              One of my favorite books – looks like it had an impact on me! ❤️


  2.  Avatar

    Wise words indeed, and thought provoking on how I close me down.. Keep the good work up..

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    1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

      Thank you very much, so glad you got some food for thought! Thanks for stopping by!!


  3. Writing to Freedom Avatar

    Kudos on recognizing your patterns, being consciously aware, and open to change.

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    1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

      Thank you Brad! Much appreciated!

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