What we think we know

What we Think we Know

As it turns out, not much. Back in the late 1980’s I participated in the Landmark Forum. It was a very powerful and transformative experience. The processes within the Forum, many developed by Werner Erhard in the 1970’s, provide effective teachings to help you face your fear in order to live life authentically. In one such experience, I got to see that there’s a lot we don’t know, most of which is beyond the scope of our imagination.

Diagram used in the Forum

I learned that what we ‘Know we Know‘ (K K) is quite a small piece of all the things that are possible to know. We all know what we know – it’s our life experience and studies, things we’ve been told and things we have through direct knowledge. We also realize there’s more we can learn.

Which brings us to the next largest piece: What we Know we Don’t Know (K DK). For example, here are some things I know I don’t know: rocket science, how to knit a sweater, how to fly a plane, how to fix a car, just to name a few. If I really stop to think about all the things I am aware of that I don’t know, it’s a bit overwhelming. There’s so much! I can certainly study and learn more, but, basically I’d only be scratching the surface.

Imagine now, there’s even a larger piece!

The largest piece, What we Don’t Know we Don’t Know (DK DK) leaves us scratching our heads. What else can there be besides What I Know I Know and What I Know I Don’t Know? Well, loads. These possibilities live in a different paradigm – in the Don’t Know what we Don’t Know piece of the pie. Along our spiritual journey we will hopefully discover things that would fit into the DK DK category. These discoveries don’t exist until they appear in our reality. Surprise!

I had such an experience – it was my spiritual awakening. I didn’t know what I didn’t know about living a spiritual life. My everyday life seemed quite normal and being ‘spiritual’ never really occurred to me – until a situation arose that provided an opportunity to transform. I was very upset with someone for a perceived betrayal.

I was really angry and full of blame. A friend of mine took me aside to calm me down. I can’t tell you exactly what she said or how she said it, but whatever it was, it caused a locked door to open. A huge weight instantaneously lifted off my chest and was gone forever. I felt instantly excited. This was the beginning of my spiritual awakening.

One second I was really angry and blaming someone, the next I was catapulted into a state of freedom and awe. I couldn’t go back to the old reality, I was living in a paradigm shift. A piece of the DK DK became known for the first time.

I thought I knew what I knew about my life, only to be transported into a possibility I had no idea existed. It was amazing and life changing!

From that point on, I tried to remain open and accept that the contents of my pie pieces will differ from others. Also, to realize there’s so much I don’t know or have any idea about – until I do. My spiritual awakening was an incredible experience, one I had no idea was even possible until it happened. It was so simple, yet so profound to have that huge blinder removed from my sphere of existence. I could see and feel so much of what wasn’t previously known or available in my reality.

Piggy-backing onto my last post regarding organic vs artificial, let’s suppose, for example, we are all in a game, living on a game board. We can call it the Matrix, like the movie, or call it a simulation. The person who is ‘me = Donna’ is represented by my game piece, or avatar. I move around the game board square by square, believing I’m getting somewhere, but wait, almost like the game “Shoots and Ladders” (“Snakes and Ladders” in the UK) I land on a ‘shoot’ and down I go back where I started. Brush myself off, maybe next time if I’m lucky enough, I’ll land on a ‘ladder’ and climb because it feels better to climb.

I have a feeling that most of us on the planet will be getting a look into this larger piece of what we don’t know we don’t know at some point in the future. This piece(s), when exposed, will quite possibly blow our collective mind! As I’ve stated before in other blog posts, there is no returning back to what was perceived as ‘normal’. That ‘normal’ is over – we have remnants around as reminders, but it is slowly fading into the past.

A new day is dawning. We are on the horizon of gaining a peek into a world we didn’t even know existed. It’s possible that what we think of as science, healing, space, history, and who we are as humans will be labeled as lies and dismissed. We won’t really know what the possibilities are until the new knowledge comes into our awareness. It’s exciting and scary at the same time. Those who cling to the old will suffer. For others, it may take time to accept and integrate the new. Some will even say: “My God, what took so long!” and rejoice.

Where ever you are on the spectrum, please take care. Listen to that inner voice. Learn to discern what is true for you. Not everything is as it seems.

From our present viewpoint, (K K, & K DK) we can not yet see liberation as a possibility since humanity has been shackled down with lower formed energies such as greed, corruption, selfishness, lies, hatred, etc. I have heard people say: there will always be war and someone who wants to rule over everyone. This is what we believe we know as the reality of our existence.

Living in peace and unity without war, crime, violence, addiction – lives in the DK DK realm as we presently can not see how to build a society based on peace and cooperation. Once the new paradigm becomes known, we will rebuild our world from truth. We will know how to co-exist in peace and cooperation. We will know a life of freedom and innocence. Looking forward to it! Until then, live the best life you know how to live!

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12 responses to “What we Think we Know”

  1. Sue Dreamwalker Avatar

    So much we do not know Donna… and yet inwardly the Knowing we know is often more harder to share with others, for often I do not have the words in which I share what I know…
    A great topic of conversation Donna…
    I feel you are spot on when you say……. “A new day is dawning. We are on the horizon of gaining a peek into a world we didn’t even know existed. It’s possible that what we think of as science, healing, space, history, and who we are as humans will be labeled as lies and dismissed “….

    I hope this new day dawns very soon, as we are shown the amazing possibilities of healing and our awareness I am sure will be shaken when we learn more about our hidden history for instance…

    Learning and growing is all about gathering information about what we do not know and often as you so rightly said.. What we THINK we know are two different things.. Accepting there are many things in the world we do not know, and others too who SAY they KNOW, often don’t… 🙂 Because they are only repeating parrot fashion via the modes of learning processes, ie, books, TV, Media, News, etc, hoping others have done their research and homework…
    Science too has many conflicting ideas, and as with anything in life…
    When something greater comes along, in gathering more knowing, and knowledge, those earlier ideas can be shattered..

    One thing I do know Donna… that I know for as long as I shall live… I will know very little in the scheme of things…
    But, I am always open to learning and knowing more…

    Sending lots of love, and apologies for my late arrival.. and Oh my… I see I missed another post of yours before this…

    Off to listen and read Donna…. and loving your podcasts by the way… ❤

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    1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

      Hi Sue! I too hope this day dawns very soon!! The pressure is building and will hopefully the top will pop off!!

      Great point you made, I agree, it is hard to share what we know. It can be very challenging to tell others the things we ‘just’ know, things that are innate. Think of how much we don’t share? Very interesting and yes a great topic for discussion.

      I feel as I have lived and learned, that things shift from one section of the pie into another. Sometimes what I think I know, might fall out into the — thought I knew! lol Gnosis is the best way to know we know – when we embody the truth as opposed to being taught by an outside source. You stated lots of really great examples. And too right, I’m also on the same page as you – I know very little in the scheme of things and always open to learning more. I really got to see how much I don’t know just reviewing the pie diagram!

      Looking forward to getting my ‘think I knew’ mind blow open with the truth – will be glorious!!
      Much love and thank you for your great comment Sue!!

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      1. Sue Dreamwalker Avatar

        My Pleasure Donna…. Some day we may yet help others make sense of our Inner Knowing, that which we KNOW we KNOW… But as yet have not the words to describe it to others.. Fascinating…. May we continue to be open minded and get more knowing 🙂 ❤ There is certainly plenty of room for expansion.. 🙂

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        1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

          It is fascinating! I look forward to more knowing!! Thanks again Sue!!

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  2. SoundEagle 🦅ೋღஜஇ Avatar

    Dear Donna,

    Congratulations to you on posting another very well-written post discussing about What we Don’t Know we Don’t Know (DK DK); What I Know I Know and What I Know I Don’t Know; and Don’t Know what we Don’t Know! These are fascinating topics concerning epistemology. The shorthands used by scientists are known knowns, known unknowns, unknown knowns, and unknown unknowns.

    Happy mid-December to you and wishing you a wonderful festive season!

    Yours sincerely,

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    1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

      Hello SoundEagle! Thank you for your comment and I’m glad you enjoyed this post. Interesting labels used by science – makes sense keeping these things straight when doing research. The unknown knowns category is intriguing. In my case, that might look like – ooopps, I completely forgot I knew that! 🤔 Happy mid-December to you also, and have a happy holiday season!

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  3. Writing to Freedom Avatar

    I hope you’re right, but my faith and hope are waning.

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    1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

      Hi Brad! These times are grueling! Some days are harder than others – it’s spiritual warfare. Hang in there the best you can – you are not alone in what you’re feeling. Not sure when, but yes, good things are in the pike! Will send you a prayer for perseverance through these trying times.🙏

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  4.  Avatar

    Spot on… I DONT KNOW is kinda exciting x

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    1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

      Yes, it sure is!! Stay tuned! Thank you for stopping by!!


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