Claim it!

I was feeling a bit under the weather a few days ago, like I was coming down with something. I felt tired, had a bit of a sore throat, and I was getting weaker. I could actually feel and watch myself decline into the belief I was getting sick. A sudden, noticeable voice in my head came in and snapped me out of it. It told me I had the power to take charge of the situation and along with that came a knowing. I made a decision then and there to stop my decline and take matters into my own hands. I stated:

I claim my health!

I was astounded at how easy that was and how fast things changed!

I immediately felt stronger, and my sore throat disappeared. I reversed a situation that was spiraling down. I could feel a shift within my body and knew I had changed something by claiming my own health.

It was an old state of mind, similar to being a victim of a circumstance, that was challenging me. It felt familiar, a powerlessness that I’ve gotten used to over the years and come to accept as normal: I feel weak, I have a sore throat, I feel bad inside – I must be getting sick.

I chose not to entertain the illness program this time and claim my health instead. It worked brilliantly. It was final, as was my decision to claim my health! That old state of mind was transformed.

I feel this ‘ownership’ energy is more readily available to us now and we need to state a claim to things that are rightfully ours – like good health, abundance, and worth. My mind has been opening up to all possibilities, as they are endless. I saw chemtrails in the sky the other day – I claim healthy, clean air for myself! I claim clean water to drink! On and on we go. We have given up so much of our power and our birthright that we’ve forgotten that our life is ours, and ours alone. No one should ever tell you what to do or how to feel!

We’ve given it away to those who claim to have our best interest at heart (only to find out they don’t and have lied to us) and then we complain about being powerless. Now is the time to claim back all that is yours. Ownership is about the transformation of being a victim, into a strong person who has a say in the matter of who they are! It’s a powerful stance. Ownership over my body – I decide! As my example stated above – no one can make me get sick!

We can claim what is rightfully ours in seconds!

Here’s another example. My friend and I were taking a long walk into town the other day and this subject came up: It’s important that we claim what is rightfully ours. As we started our way back, my friend shared that she was tired and needed a rest. She didn’t speak up earlier when she started to feel tired and was now suffering the consequences. It was a great example of having to claim what she needed. Her struggle was in regards to her worth and wellbeing. There were limiting beliefs in place that stopped her from speaking up.

Never mind the chatter . . . it’s persistent, so instead . . .

How to Speak up for Yourself

Claim it!

I feel claiming what is rightfully ours is very important now. We need to state out loud without any doubts, just like a child almost – THAT’S MINE!!! Yes, that’s mine! It’s my health, my worth, my right to breath clean air and drink clean water! It’s my right to eat healthy, unadulterated food! I claim my energy! I claim my space! I claim my freedom!

It’s very powerful and works. It’s time to claim our lives back. We can only do this for ourselves, or if another person has given us permission to represent them in our claim. It feels like a very important piece right now and going forward. This is our planet. We will not be told who lives or dies, who is entitled and who is left behind. We will not be bystanders any longer – this is our planet! It’s time to remember!!

I claim it back! I claim my right to be here. This is my planet! This is my ground. This is my air and my water! This is my body!

I will not be told otherwise!

11 responses to “Claim it!”

  1. Sue Dreamwalker Avatar

    Love this… Indeed we can talk ourselves into feeling unwell, and we most certainly can talk ourselves into wellness..
    So True..
    Knowing from experience, how easy it is to fall down the poor-me-syndrome .
    Learning how to ‘Claim it’-back and lift yourself up and out of negative thinking, feeling etc, certainly takes practice, as we begin to spot our self-sabotage modes of bringing our energy down,
    And like your friend who if had spoken earlier her truth of how they felt, then perhaps they wouldn’t then have felt so tired.

    You are right Donna… it is time to remember, and remember just what powerful BEings we are, as we reclaim back our power, our birth-right.

    And I just LOVED how you finished off your post Donna… with these words
    “I claim it back! I claim my right to be here. This is my planet! This is my ground. This is my air and my water! This is my body! ”
    Amen to that… 🙏✨🙏
    Much love your way Donna… and have yourself a Magical Christmas… ❤

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    1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

      Hi Sue, Thank you and great comments! I agree, the poor-me syndrome is easy to fall down into and is engrained, so I suppose it’s remembering we are more powerful than that negative program! Replacing the illusion of powerlessness with ownership and claiming our right to be disease free, is basically negating the program. I see it, I call it, I transform it. The background chatter isn’t going anywhere (at least not for the time being) so why not just claim it! I was a bit surprised at how easy it was and quick.

      I suppose it we don’t claim our true selves and our planet back, it leaves space for someone else to claim it. No thanks – been there, done that! LOL Have a wonderful holiday season my friend! Much love and many blessings to your and yours!!


  2.  Avatar

    Love how you share from your direct experience… A great teacher for us all x

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    1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

      Thank you very much! So glad you stopped by! x


  3.  Avatar

    THANK YOU for this… It speaks right to the heart of it all.. I am Claiming it !! listening to my body… love xxx

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    1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

      Hello!! Awesome!! You are very welcome and I’m so glad you are claiming yourself and listening to your body! Take care! Donna


  4. Julia Preston Avatar

    I’m claiming my lost keys! 😃

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    1.  Avatar

      made me chuckle… YES claim them !

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    2. The Path to My Heart Avatar

      Hi Julia! LOL, I just replied to your post and thought the same thing – claim your keys!!


      1. Julia Preston Avatar

        Do you think the Universe responds to demands? Maybe i’d better just stick with claiming….🙏🙄😂

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        1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

          My experience is that demanding doesn’t work as well as commanding or claiming. I’d agree with you, better just stick to claiming! I claim my keys!! 🗝

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