What Really Matters in Life?

I was recently on a WordPress course called ‘Where is Your Audience Hiding?’ It was quite good and went deeper than I though it would. I had to look at what makes me unique, why am I different, and why would someone want to read what I write and who would that person be. We each had to write down a sentence for what we offer that’s unique and search that sentence on the internet. I searched: “How to make my spiritual growth easier.” The search results were all quite similar, but one in particular stood out, hence the title of this post.

This question shook me a bit as it hit me on a soul level. What really matters in my life? Good question. It led me to my desire to grow spiritually, to become more awake. Yes, this is true, but the answer to this enquiry seemed hard to quantify. I suppose I want to grow and release my past so I can be free, making freedom a really important component of my life. But what’s deeper than that? It can’t just be freedom, I wouldn’t think.

I watch lots of crime dramas just to get my mind off current events – well? Why not? Anyway, I see episode after episode show that if you want to control someone, use their family as leverage. “If you don’t comply, we’ll kill your family.” The pleading in response:

“Leave my family out of this. Don’t hurt them!! I’ll do anything!!”

Family is very important to most people. A nice safe home is another important thing. Perhaps living without pain, or even the simple things can also be important. I’m sure there’s quite a few meaningful pieces in our lives – but can these things be drilled down into one or maybe two very important things? Perhaps. So I had a look and kept asking myself the question: What really matters in my life and is there something deeper than that? Not for nothing – it was a great exercise!

It took me back to a time when I lost something very special to me as a kid which broke my heart. It took me many years to be able to talk about it, and a few more to finally heal my broken heart. I shut down my ability to share love – with everyone, including myself. In my adult life, I’ve been learning about love by breaking down the barriers I put up. Firstly, I’ve been learning to love myself. I’ve got lots of posts on self-love which has been a significant part of my journey that I share. Being able to love without fear and to open my heart again is very important to me. I’d say it’s very close to the top of the list.

Perhaps my spiritual growth has been about releasing the fear that’s held me captive, believing it’s been there to keep me safe. Makes sense. My blog themes have been about slavery, freedom, self-love, suffering, and ending vicious cycles and triggers. Sounds like to me, I’ve been really working on trying to express love without fear.

Love Without Fear

What’s deeper than that? Maybe to know and feel unconditional love. I’ve always thought that people have pets for this reason alone. Unconditional love is not easy to find amongst people, but certainly with our pets it’s there. Source, or Divine love is available to us too. No matter who or what you believe in – there’s a place for us to go to whether in a building or within our hearts – to visit with unconditional love. Holy Mother has a big hug with my name on it – I can’t wait to be able to really feel it, to be saturated with pure unconditional love – without fear. When this happens is up to me. To have my being completely filled – now that would be important!

Have a go at this exercise. What really matters to you? and What’s deeper than that?

Please let me know in the comments how you did!

6 thoughts on “What Really Matters in Life?

  1. So many of our life journeys I feel are all about learning what really matters in life.. We have so been hijacked and distracted by the material of this existence here in our 3 D reality of matter and possessions… We truly have lost sight of what really matters…

    And for many of us our lives this time around have been all about shedding our past life dramas of what has held us captive in this merry-go-round of guilt, blame, and suffering…
    Unpeeling the traumas, of emotions as we seek out our true natures and missions as we discover our inner wealth of knowledge, as we learn to embrace Self Love and worthiness..

    One of my hardest lessons was to learn self love, and let go of the conditioning of others whose influence had coloured my own perception of ME…

    What has really mattered to me in this life time, is that I have Found ME… and told that inner wounded child…. She is loved..

    Much love Donna…. Another Deep and valuable insight from you.. Thank you. ❤ ❤ ❤ 🙏✨

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    1. Hi Sue! Love your comment. My sister and I had a chat today – so much of it was about what you wrote. We talked about the past events of our childhood and a lifetime of unpeeling the traumas, and how to connect with that inner love. I have to agree with you about self-love. Maybe the traumas of the past break our hearts, included in that goes self-love. Then we spend a lifetime (almost) getting ourselves back and finding love inside. I am so happy you have found YOU!! What a huge milestone and a major victory. Your inner child is sure lucky to have you, and all of your love. Life is different when this happens! Seeing that we’ve made it this far, eyes wide open and seeing – is a very good thing indeed!! Much love to you!! Donna


      1. Thanks Donna, the road was long in getting to that place of self love, and sometimes a trigger can set me back a little.

        So when you spoke about your sister I smiled….As I had a conversation with my sister too over the long weekend, and we both ended up in tears as we were shedding more memories and pondering why a mother couldn’t show us love, yet others could do no wrong..
        As more baggage was released.. the layers are endless.

        We ended by laughing as we said we hadn’t turned out bad humans despite the lack of love . Which made us more caring as parents.

        So silver linings to be found in all shadows .

        Glad you can share with your sister as I can.

        Much love Donna 💖

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        1. Hi Sue! Your story also brought a smile to my face! Yes, my sister and I talked about the exact same thing as you and your sister – no love from the mother, who was incapable of showing any emotional support. Must have been the weekend for sharing about love. Honestly, I am glad I didn’t have children as I’m not sure if I also had shut down the capability to love at a very young age and would have not had it available to children at that time in my life. I was slow to mature. Sad but true. Yes, the layers are endless as we work through a shadow body that we inherited, but it does get easier the more I let go. Thanks again Sue!! Much love, Donna

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  2. Your post reminds me of the lyrics to “The Greatest Love” – “Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.” Boy, I’ll say! If I try to love myself through my own eyes, I see flaws and shortcomings. But when I see myself through through the eyes of the Divine, I am secure in knowing that I am loved, and that I AM love. That’s my go-to sweet spot. If I can manage to do that, then I’ve done it all—even for just a moment. Thanks for another thought provoking post.

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    1. Hi Julia! Yes, I agree with you. Self-love is very challenging since our perceptions have been conditioned from a young age by wounded adults. We haven’t ever had a chance to know true love, especially towards ourself. But, YES, with the Divine, through God and our Divine self – we can know self-love. When all our conditioning can be quiet for just 1 second – it’s there! My biggest discovery about self-love is that it can’t be done through our false self. Only through our true self is it possible! Thank you so much for your insightful comment!

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