Healing Opportunity

An Opportunity to Heal

Not sure how anyone can escape being effected by the events happening on the world stage at this time in history. I wouldn’t blame any one for feeling anger, frustration, fear or even trauma. The world can feel like a very unsafe place to be right now. Propaganda or not, it’s a very challenging time to be alive. However, if these events are bothering you to the point of getting in the way of your day to day life, and effecting your health and wellbeing, there is something you can do to help yourself come into a place of peace.

Look inside. Only there can you really begin to make an impact. Believe it or not, these events can provide you with a valuable healing opportunity!

As above so below. The micro is the macro.

We have now, more than ever, an opportunity to take a deeper look into what’s happening – or not happening within our world. Looking within is a great way for things to heal and transform both on the outer and inner. It’s healthy and appropriate for us to have a look inside for where we are being triggered from ‘out there.’ If any of the following world events and situation are causing you aggravation, ask yourself the following questions:


  1. Politics, propaganda, media, Government
  2. World war 3, divide and conquer
  3. Chemtrails, food additives, 5G,
    GMO and processed foods, drugs
  4. Feeling numb, isolation
  5. Child abuse, torture, human trafficking, normalization of pedophilia
  6. Political correctness


  1. Am I lying to myself?

  2. Am I at war?
  3. How may I be poisoning my body and thoughts?
  4. Am I in total denial?
  5. Am I being cruel to myself or my inner child?
  6. Fear around communication?

There is an abundance of fear and trauma-based triggers out there. Not everyone will trigger you, and that’s great. Only if you find yourself agitated and upset is this an appropriate exercise. Only you know the answers because only you walk in your shoes.

You perceive the world through your conditioning and filters. It’s therefore YOUR world as only you can perceive it to be. If you find yourself blaming someone or something out there – than most likely, some unhealed issue inside of yourself is the agitator. You may find others who are agitated about the same issue – but at the end of the day, you are left with your own thoughts and filters.

Are you willing to take responsibility for all of your perceptions? After all, this is your planet, and your home as you perceive it to be. Again – let’s take any judgment and move it around towards ourselves – this is your opportunity to heal. Here’s an example of something that really bothers me, mainly because it’s in plain sight daily:

These are chemtrails, not contrails

Chemtrails really bother me to the point of getting very angry. I really don’t like looking up to what was once a nice blue sky only to see the military planes flying overhead leaving trails of poisonous chemical bombs behind them. Really gets my blood boiling, and yet many people don’t even see them or if they do, think they’re normal. I feel helpless to stop this madness and out of control because I’m forced to breath the toxic air – no choice there. This issue also turns me into a walking negative bomb!

The only way I can resolve my toxic feelings and come into a place of neutrality is to look inside and examine what’s triggering me. How am I polluting my own self? Well, my thoughts are certainly toxic about chemtrails in the moment when I see them in the sky, causing me loads of distress. My mood is agitated and angry – spraying out to the people around me. Not a nice thought. My body is also very stressed, which creating toxins in my body.

Until I see that I am just as toxic to myself and others as the toxins in the sky – can my attitude and judgment change. The more we resist, the more things persist. As long as I’m angry and giving lots of attention to the white lines in the sky – the more they’ll effect my world and continue to make me angry. My thoughts and behaviors are the resistance that keep my own toxins persisting in my world.

Am I saying that examining my thoughts and actions alone will stop the chemtrails? No, not necessarily – but what it will do is stop adding energy to the existence of them. We are creative manifesting machines. Also, when I’m no longer angry and agitated spreading toxins, I’m in a better place to listen to my guidance. I may get an amazing inspiration for an action I can take to further my goal of eliminating toxins from the sky. One I may not have heard if I continued on being upset.

Many people have come to the point of enough is enough – and actually do something about the issues we face. Look at the truckers, and all the marches around the world. Professionals are walking out of their jobs in order to preserve their inalienable rights. Millions of people have had enough suffering and oppression! They can be effective in what they are doing because they have come to a point of letting go of their fear and suffering. They have found their truth and are putting it to good use, creating a higher perspective and possibility. They perceive a better, happier, healthier world.

We can take baby steps too and not necessarily be out marching and speaking which you may not be called to participate in. We all have a place where we can contribute. It starts with you and spreads out – being kind to each other is a great place to start. We can also be kind to ourselves. Do things that uplift you, like going for a walk out in nature, will certainly help. Keep it simple.

The world will be at peace, the toxins will disappear, children will be safe, and our health and vitality will return – once we see what’s going on inside and address it. Taking responsibility for a world we created is a way to express our power and autonomy. We must get in the driver’s seat and claim ownership for the state of the world by looking inside – it is the only way forward! . . . or not. Up to you!

6 responses to “An Opportunity to Heal”

  1. Sue Dreamwalker Avatar

    13 February 2022

    Your post once again dives deeper into our inner worlds of what makes us tick, and what acts as triggers, and how we often do not realise we are mirroring our outer world.

    As an empath, its often been difficult for me to separate what is MY feelings and what I am feeling of the world, and its vibrations, especially this last few years when everything seems to have been heightened and emotionally charged.

    Your list of Possible Triggers, were spot on, and one that hit home again for me was the one that said.. ” I don’t know what to say anymore, ( Political Correctness ) because so many things now-a-days have been labelled incorrect, or the cancel culture has done an excellent job of making subjects difficult to discuss.

    What many do not always realise is that much of this labelling is done deliberately to separate society and keep them divided…
    When did it become incorrect to have a discussion, and an opinion..
    And your follow up paragraph Quote;” It is therefore YOUR world as only you can perceive it to be “… What is perception, but our own particular view point.

    Your example of feeling anger at looking skyward at the constant Chemtrails, also a pet peeve of mine also, and yes they are toxic and it riles me when people don’t look up to see or bother to educate themselves on this Geoengineering of weather manipulation and goodness knows what else toxins is being sprayed upon us and on our crops we eat and that goes into our water table..

    So you Analogy of what we are holding and spreading too, hit home… Work still to do there upon my own inner world..

    Baby steps we can take, being gentle with ourselves, and while not all of us can be front-line warriors of making mega changes within the world.. We all can make many changes within ourselves and how we think, how we treat each other…

    And yes, we certainly ALL have to take a look in the mirror and take personal responsibilities… We can open our hearts, send love, be kind and understand the Power within us is greater than any of us realise.. As we create our future and our future selves by our thoughts, by using our imagination of creating our New Earth of what that feels like, when we let go of all the toxins of our anger, our prejudices, our jealousies, our blaming others, and feeling victim…
    When we clean up our own inner world, we then begin to manifest a better outer one..

    Loved your post Donna….. I see perhaps a sequel in the making of a second book on giving us the opportunity to heal.. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

      A sequel? Well you never know Sue!! I don’t say ‘no’ anymore to the Universe. Great points you make and thank you again for being a great warrior of truth and holding the line for truth as a way of being. Doing the inner work is challenging as you know, facing the things that would cause us to be a part of the problem instead of the solution – not easy. Feels to me like a lot of people, bless them, have rolled over due to their shadow selves never getting a second look. Easily manipulated, add trauma onto that – mind controlled.

      You are adding to your own light body and that of the collective by doing all the work and healing you do with yourself. And yes, I too, still have more shadow to address. Allowing it all to be and know it comes up for healing in Divine timing! You made a very good point about being an empath and how difficult it is to discern what you are feeling – is it mine, or from out there? Great point and even knowing the two are different is a huge step.

      I actually could have added more to the triggers list – I didn’t mention CV or the injection. I thought about it, but they didn’t make the cut for some reason. Big topics still, but in my reality they are going away. I left it with ‘disease.’ Oh well, it is what it is. Might have to look more into that conscious omission? Or not!

      Like you mentioned, being gentle with ourselves goes a long way to healing. We don’t need to all be on the front line, there needs to be some support workers helping out at the home front!! Well, this is war after all. My sights are set on disclosure and living in peace!! Thanks again Sue for sharing all your insights and wisdom!❤️❤️❤️

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  2. Julia Preston Avatar

    Like you, my anger really flares when I see a sky full of chem trails! But I believe that you are right—when I get over my anger about things that I can’t control, they seem to evaporate. I haven’t seen any chem trails lately. Could this be a smidgeon of truth about creating our own reality with our thoughts? It’s a concept worth thinking about! Great post, Donna. Thank you.

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    1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

      Thanks so much Julia. It really is a challenge and finding peace within it all at times seems impossible – especially when it’s right there in our face. I can’t reconcile how the people flying the planes can live with themselves, knowing full well that they are poisoning their fellow humans??? I have to be careful not to assign my values to them. But yes, as you stated – creating our own reality is a concept worth thinking about. Not for nothing – we can hopefully gain some peace for ourselves through the process! x

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      1. Julia Preston Avatar

        You know, I hadn’t thought about the pilots—I wonder if it occurs to them that in addition to poisoning us, they are also poisoning themselves. Perhaps they operate in ignorance; perhaps they’ve been sold a bill of goods by the those who issue the orders; perhaps they fear for their jobs and livelihood if they don’t comply. Oh my. So much to consider . . . Again, a good reminder that I have no control over anything other than whatever thought I allow to hang out in our head at any given moment in time. And as you say, what we think is entirely up to us. Again, you are right—peace begins with each one of us.

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        1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

          Yes, I think about the people administering the poisons, playing on the side that is hurting humanity. Very sad really. I suppose they will have to answer for this – whether on this side or after. Trading my soul for a job or money – unthinkable. I send them Grace, hoping they can see a better way forward. Not easy being them I’m sure.

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