Bridging the Gap from Shadow body to Light Body

Life is Like That

Life is just like that – we take steps without really understanding who is the one walking and sometimes we need to look back to see truly how we arrived where we are standing. But for how much longer can we get away with living this way? I dare say time is running out on that way of being.

How much of your life has been lived consciously? We seem to have two bodies running us – our light body and our shadow body. Both exist and both are alive within us. The question is – which one is doing the walking?

The shadow body is fed by things like fear, worry, apathy, shame, and unaddressed, unhealed wounds from our past. It’s the one that is triggered to react, and causes harm to ourselves and others. It’s the saboteur – robbing us of our birthright – freedom and joy, just to name a few. Unfortunately, it’s the one we’ve been conditioned to believe is who we really are.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

The light body does not need to be fed. It’s who we innately are. It can, however, be lost to us for good in extreme cases. Our shadow body can take over and run our life if we allow this to happen. The shadow body grows and strengthens over time, especially when we are run and ruled by fear and when we believe the lies that we are less than who we are meant to be. It grows when we turn our life force and authority over to others who we think know better than we do about our own selves.

Our shadow body grows when we live our life asleep.

The fear that is being pumped out 24/7 is by design. It’s there to feed our shadow bodies and make them stronger. We have to do whatever we can to not fall into the trap of believing these lies. Many so-called people in power are doing their best to literally scare you to death – if you haven’t noticed. Their religion is lies. Their God is lies. Their mission is to keep lying at all cost. They will fight to the death. They don’t care about you and have no empathy.

They want us fighting each other! That’s why they need us in full shadow body and they’re counting on the fear-pumping to achieve this. It is our light bodies that will prevent this from happening. Light bodies don’t fight with each other.

‘They’ mean business and their commitment is very strong and meant to inflict harm. These people are 100% shadow body. Their light body is gone. Don’t expect them to act like a human being – they can’t. Don’t allow their lies to become your truths.

Your shadow body has the potential to destroy you.

So what about you? Where do you stand? Are you strong in your convictions? Are you conscious of where you’re headed and where your path is leading? If not, you need to wake up. It’s time to have a conversation with your light body and ask it to help you evict your shadow body. You will only be able to move forward with a strong light body. The time is now.

This is not something to take lightly. If you haven’t already, please stop what you are doing and examine your life and your decisions. Ask yourself some questions – any questions for that matter. Questioning is good! Questioning indicates you are awake and paying attention.

  • Who or what is running my life?
  • What is the trajectory of my current path?
  • What am I not expressing?
  • How do I feel?
  • Am I satisfied with how my life is going?
  • How about my choices?
  • What am I putting up with?
  • And more . . .

It’s time to be confident, bold and strong in your stance to be who you truly are. Be willing to shine your light body brightly and heal your shadow body into nonexistence. Take a page out of ‘their’ book, the one’s who want to scare you to death and destroy you with their fear-making and lies – they will die for what they believe – no kidding.

Will you die for what you believe? For your good? To your detriment?
Which body will you choose? Your future depends on it.

9 responses to “Life is Like That”

  1. Julia Preston Avatar

    It’s so nice to reconnect with a fellow lightwkrker! I don’t know where we’ve been, but I’m glad we’re back. Us light bearers need really need to stick together and use our wattage to stamp out all the nasty darkness that’s clogging up the planet and getting in the way of our light! Thanks for a lovely blog!

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    1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

      Hi Julia! Thank you! Yes, it has been a while and nice to see you back!! It is important for us like-minds to stick together as the bifurcation splits the energy more and more. It will be interesting to say the least – who’d a thought it would look like this? More to come, and as you said – important to keep the truth vibrations high!! Glad you’re here! Love, Donna


  2. Sue Dreamwalker Avatar

    These are good questions.. ” How much of your life has been lived consciously?”

    From childhood we are drilled with that negative programming, as we are told
    You will never amount to anything if you don’t buckle down and work hard
    And I remember being a very inquisitive child, always asking questions.. And would often get ridiculed by teachers, when they didn’t wish to answer, so you are told to shut up, stop being disruptive..
    Parents too, why you question WHY?….even with they would say Because it is.. Accepting without question what they too had been conditioned by..

    So you learn to keep quiet, you withdraw within your shell and you no longer question. Because of the fear of the responses you get.

    Over time too, that light body can get so dimmed, as the weight of the world oppresses and weighs one down, into deep De-Pression. It takes a lot of effort and courage to pull one’s self back up and into the Light. Sometimes it takes these dark nights of the soul, to wake us up, as we pull ourselves back up out of the shadow self…

    Humanity at this time is being given that same opportunity to pull itself back up….. Sometimes as that saying goes , ” It’s always darkest before the Dawn Light ”

    Our phycological experts, have for many, many years known exactly how to program a mind, and they know how to manipulate fear.

    Remember when we were at school and we learnt out Times Table…. How we would have to repeat it over and over until it got stuck within our brains.. And we knew it off by heart…

    Well Repetition is the key, keep drilling the fear into a society 24/7 and it becomes ingrained, and you then begin to believe it… And you do not question it.. Because it’s those authoritarian figures, like those you were brought up to fear in school who are telling you, so if they say it’s the science.. You believe it’s the science.

    We have for the most part been so brainwashed, that we now longer critically think for ourselves..

    But those who do, have somehow managed to break free of that programming to decern for themselves. As they will often double check within themselves, if it feels right…

    Maybe they have respect for themselves, in the Light body that for them is stronger, and isn’t fearful..

    Its driven in human nature to focus on the negative by design, because of this programming…

    Whereas when we live in love, and open our hearts, and experience fully our true Light Bodies, there is no room for fear, and we embrace our highest good, which means we find within that Joy and happiness…

    Once we master our Inner Light, built on Love, we free ourselves of that shadow,
    And if we ALL learn to radiate that love out into the world… In the form of LIGHT..
    Shadows have nowhere to hide..

    EXCELLENT Post Donna… thank you for you wisdom.. 🙂 ❤ 🙏💛

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    1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

      Thank you Sue for your thoughtful comments and great insights. It’s so true about asking questions in school – it’s a set up for failure really. So many kids are afraid to ask a ‘stupid’ question or appear ‘stupid’ and get laughed at. It’s intimidating instead of inviting. And then, yes, we learn to keep quiet.

      It’s challenging to raise above the de-pression you so aptly stated, in order to find our light underneath all the programming and conditioning. You have to really want it!! It’s not easy but worth it! I also like how you said: “Once we master our inner light, built on Love, we free ourselves of that shadow.” How true, and it is very possible to live without the shadow, as we will see in the future. The programs will be wiped away – finally!!!

      I look forward to that time – soon! Thank you again, I really appreciate your time and wisdom!! Much love, Donna 🥰❤️

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      1. Sue Dreamwalker Avatar

        Yes Donna, having had both experiences of depression and being told to stop asking questions at school and being ridiculed by teachers and class mates understand how you have to pull on that inner strength to rise yourself up and out of the pit we so often fall into.

        My pleasure Donna, and your book was again very insightful and helpful at a deeper level, as I still dip in and out of your amazing chapters to reaffirm and remind myself ❤ ❤ ❤

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        1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

          It surely is a pit! Some never make it out due to layers and layers of trauma. I despise needless suffering and would love to wipe it off the planet!!! Thanks again for such wonderful feedback on my book, I am so glad you are finding it useful!!❤️❤️❤️

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  3. A.P Avatar

    Love this. I was living in my shadow body and didn’t realise it at the time. After alot of hard work and the help and support of others I have turned my life around and loving my light body once again.

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    1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

      Well hello there lovely visitor to my blog!! So nice of you to stop by, and yes, it’s a lot of hard work that not many people undertake – so give yourself a massive pat on the back for all you have achieved!! So glad you have your light body – thank you for all you have contributed!! Much love, Donna


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