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Duck and Cover

Who are you relying on to inform you of the truth? Is it your neighbor? The news media? Work colleagues? Social media? The government? Your friends and family? Experts? These groups of people may know or report on a small percentage of the actual truth – and who knows where they obtained their information from and what filters, biases and judgments the information passed through.

Second hand information is not reliable. We’ve all played the telephone game. When we’re scared and anxious however, the ‘source’ we’ve been conditioned to believe is telling us the truth, is the one we typically trust. This may or may not be a prudent choice.

Face it – it’s extremely difficult to really know the truth. I’ve come across many people who repeat what they’ve heard from outside sources preaching what they believe to be truth. How do they really know? There’s also the ‘truthers’ who have sprouted up all over social media – also claiming to know the truth. Turns out they don’t.

Just as a quick example: Remember when as kids (in the 70’s) we were told by our government and school officials to “duck and cover” in the event of a nuclear attack? I remember going through the drills – getting to the floor and hiding under my desk. Phew, I’m safe now. It was serious business.

I’m quite sure the government officials knew the real truth – that telling people to duck under a desk in the case of a nuclear attack – was a lame idea, but they said it anyway. As kids, we didn’t know better so we had to trust that these people knew what they were talking about to keep us safe. It’s unbelievable to think that this ‘advice’ was even allowed to be spoken. Just look at what’s happened to kids recently –

We were given a false sense of security. People were still scared, despite the lame advice – maybe because deep down inside they realized they were being lied to. I’m now hearing from people that they are getting confused about the advice given out by the news media regarding the past two years. They are getting disillusioned and say they can’t be bothered to listen to more contradicting information. They see the same people who gave the guidelines, ignore it – and call them hypocrites.

They are aware that something’s not right, and yet their conditioning tells them to continue watching and listening to the confusing information day after day. It’s become an addiction and a hard habit to break because it’s been drilled into us over and over again that we need someone else to tell us what’s going on and for someone else to tell us what the truth is. We are scared and need more information so we go to what’s familiar – duck and cover.

Not knowing the truth (or being lied to) will cause anxiety and fear.

It perpetuates itself. The more we watch and listen to things that confuse us, the more we feel fearful and anxious which leads to needing more information. The fear will not let up and forces us to remain in our past conditioning. We are scared to know and scared not to know – what’s the next disaster?

What happens when we move out of confusion and really get it that ‘duck and cover’ wasn’t good advice? What happens when we learn that we’ve been lied to and betrayed by the people we handed our lives over to for safety? What happens then?

I believe this time is swiftly approaching us. I believe that as a world population we will be forced to face this awful predicament and deal with it – or not. Are you prepared to find out that everything you were told to be true – was in fact a lie? For example: Do you believe humans have evolved from apes? Hold onto your hats!

In the mean time – go within. Detox by taking some time out from listening to outside sources. Get in touch with your own truth. Uncover the layers of conditioning and filters. We all have this capacity within us to know when we are being lied to. We may feel queasy in our gut, or feel like we’re listening to fingernails on chalkboards. There’ll be something about it that just feels off and the more you check in within yourself, the better you’ll become at it.

Really open your mind to new possibilities, step out of the box of conditioning and question everything. What are ‘they’ saying to me now? How does it feel in my body? Probe your mind. How is the advice to ‘duck and cover’ still being used today as a false sense of security? It’s all there in plain sight. When you discover the opponents play book – it’s game over!

Know the truth – end the fear. It’s a worthwhile exercise that will pay dividends in the near future!

9 responses to “Duck and Cover”

  1. Julia Preston Avatar

    Better late than never—just found this blog among my unread emails. You’re singing my song Donna. Get the nose out of the news and into the Self for the sake of sanity! Thanks for doing your piece to help the world open its collective eyes and WAKE UP! We need all the wake-up calls we can get. Good job!

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    1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

      Thank you so much Julia! Yes, Sanity is right! Thank you for getting out there too and doing your part -wonderful! Many blessings!!


  2. Sue Dreamwalker Avatar

    Loved this entry Donna… And I am loving your new look and So enjoyed listening to your voice narrate your thoughts here.
    Going within and getting in touch with your intuitive feelings is something many have lost. For they have relied too much on those officialdoms to tell them what to do and when..
    And you are of course right… There will be many who will be shocked to learn those same officials whom they thought had their best interests at heart, in fact, lied to them.

    Gut instincts are our natural inbuilt guidance system to discern what ‘Feels’ right… Many are now learning again how to tap into this inner guidance.. Its there within ALL of us… We instinctively ‘Know’ when something feels off, yet often our head/minds override those feelings as we have forgotten how to trust our instincts.. Instead we listen to others in authority thinking ‘They’ must know better, because of their power of authority..

    Thankfully, I have always listened to my inner compass, and for the most part it has served me well… Its only when I didn’t listen, and I went against what my inner gut was telling me, that I came unstuck…

    Experience teaches us many lessons in this ‘Play Book’ called Life..
    May we all discover again our Inner Compass, as we reconnect with our Gut instincts as we discern the Truth of what we are told…
    We may all be surprised that those whom we thought held our best interests had lied… And it is they who then may be needing to Duck for Cover…

    A truly remarkable piece of writing Donna…
    Lovely to listen to your soothing voice….

    And LOVE the new colours and theme of your blog.
    Sue 🙏💛


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    1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

      Hi Sue! I felt so much love coming from what you shared. Thank you for your lovely, heartfelt words. I too, know people who wait for the TV or government officials to tell them how to live their lives. They have lost touch with their inner knowing. Fear is a great over-rider of our own instincts. We’ve witnessed lots of that recently. Sounds like you inner knowing has been a part of you for a very long time, you are very fortunate to be aware of and use this amazing gift!!

      I’ve had times myself when I didn’t listen – nothing like a shock to get me back onto the right path!! And yes, people will feel very betrayed when they realize that those they placed their confidence in have outright lied to them. I love what you wrote, how perfect – it is they who may be needing to Duck and Cover!! Good one!! Right on!!

      Thank you for the feedback on my blog’s new look. I tried the audio option this time too, its through WP and is quite easy to do. Most likely, I’ll continue with it when I’m next inspired to post. Take care of yourself! Sending lots of blessings, hugs and love!! Donna ❤️

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      1. Sue Dreamwalker Avatar

        I LOVED the Audio…. I will have to look into the audio option.. As its an idea for speaking my poems..
        Mega Hugs right back ❤

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        1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

          Hi Sue – here’s the link for more info on podcasting! Would be great with poems!


          1. Sue Dreamwalker Avatar

            Ooooh Lovely .. Thank YOU.. ❤

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  3. dawnhub144 Avatar

    A difficult blog in challenging times. Its not easy to live in a world full of deceptions coming from those who are supposed to keep us SAFE. Thank you Donna for your bravery. For me the good news is that life is so much sweeter when I listen to my inner wisdom and not follow the PROPAGANDA being pumped out by Government, and the telly 24/7, thank god ness we are not alone in this. Keep writing Donna the world needs the TRUTH to come out even if that means seeing all the ways we have been lied to since the day we were able to draw breath.

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    1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

      Thank you for sharing your keen and insightful comment! It’s not an easy thing to understand or to realize that we’ve been being lied to for a very long time! Wonderful you listen to your inner wisdom – it’s a great skill and one really needed in these times! The truth will be told and may be really hard to digest for some, but it will be the truth! Thank you again for your comment!!

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