Keeping Your Individuality

Getting Awake and Wise to Keep Your Individuality

I’ve been noticing a shift in the narrative that’s being aimed at individuality, it’s out there and it’s happening right under our noses.  Individuality is becoming extinct.  Watch and listen – people are being categorized all the time.  The individual is a dying species.

There’s so much pressure to “behave” and “look” a certain way or to perform – or else.  The conditioning starts in the factory we call school.  We as humans, carry within us an ancient pain of separation.  This pain is used against us all the time.  Our fear of separation is played upon constantly, to the point of causing us stress to keep up and comply.

A couple years ago now, I was noticing on TV, for example, the saying: “You’ve got this.”  I heard it a few times a day in advertisements and TV shows, enough that it stood out.

On the surface, this saying sounds like a good thing.  It appears as humans, we’re all capable of handling whatever comes our way.  Whether we are or aren’t, isn’t the issue.  Underneath the surface, however, this coined saying hits our fear of separation, causing lots of unconscious pressure to succeed and strive.

What if I haven’t . . . got this?

It’s very damaging to individuality.  “You’ve got this” assumes all people everywhere are equipped to handle everyday life like it’s a piece of cake.  This isn’t true – we’re all different and each day is different.  We have our ups and downs – that’s life – it’s not meant to be “pushed through” all the time.

You’ve got this: Who is the you they are referring to and what is the this you’ve got?

  • The depressed you trying to get out of bed?
  • A mother or father trying to get the kids ready for school before going to work?
  • Someone who has experienced the death of a spouse or loved one?
  • Kids trying to get passing grades?
  • Office worker in a traffic jam?
  • Mature woman in menopause?
  • Person with serious illness?
  • Someone planning a vacation?
  • Recently divorced?

“You’ve got this” . . . see how silly it sounds now?  This is a very dangerous assumption that causes stress, unconsciously pressuring us to keep our lives managed all the time.  This isn’t true, nor should it be.  We are individuals and our processes are different.

Our minds will run away with sayings like this – it’s automatic!  “What’s wrong with meMy life is crapI can barely get my kids off to school – then I go to a job I hate.  You’ve got this – yeah right??  I’ve got nothing.

“Just do it” is another famous phrase that puts pressure on most of the population who are not equipped, nor desire to “just do it.”  We are individuals, all playing a different part on this stage of life – Our part.  I’m nowhere near the super active people on those commercials – but do I sometimes feel the pressure to attempt to be like them?  Most certainly.  Do I beat myself up for feeling tired, forcing myself to be productive in some way that is counter-intuitive?  Yes, that is, until I catch myself, and relax.

When was the last time you were asked to offer your expertise or creativity in a job?  The trend of corporations, large and small, asking us to work until we drop with no honor or respect for each individual’s contribution seems to come from the top down, without individual representation.

We’ve been “numbers” for a long time now.  This conditioning happens at a very young age.  Little kids have tons of homework and forced to take homogenized tests.  Herd mentality – homogenized tests – conditioning – homogenized people.  Comply or fail.

Try to notice things like this.  The media is always the source.  You can almost predict what’s about to happen – people herded into groups – individuality slaughtered.  When’s the last time in your memory this happened, when people of a certain group were outcasted or worse, eliminated.  It happens too often.  This is by design, this is slow, drip-fed programming and conditioning so people won’t be surprised when it happens . . . again.  We’re being led into a trap – slotting individuals into groups.

“You’ve got this.”  Maybe you do, maybe you don’t.  So what.  Nothing is wrong with you!  We are all individuals.  We each have our own way of doing things – or not.  We each are content in our own way – or not.  We express ourselves in our own way.  It’s getting to be less and less of a freedom however, as the pressure mounts to comply.

be yourself

Don’t get used to this.  Stay awake.  Maintain your individuality.  Don’t be pressured or manipulated into being someone or something you’re not.  Watch.  Observe.  Notice.  On the surface a simple saying on TV appears harmless, but really, it’s a loaded gun aimed at you.

8 responses to “Getting Awake and Wise to Keep Your Individuality”

  1. Conni Avatar

    PREACH IT, DONNA!!!!!!!!!

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    1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

      Oh YEAH – get out of my way!!!! I seemed to have been passionate about this one. . . . felt good!! 👍

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      1. Conni Avatar

        It was great to read!

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  2. AmyRose🌹 Avatar

    Wow, Donna! I had a “feeling” you had written your “piece” and it is powerful! I am all for individuality! You are so right about the herd mentality that is begun in school. Even back when I went to school the herd mentality was there, and anyone who did resist was outcasted. (I was!) I have pulled wayyyyyyyy back from fitting in, determined to be ME ME ME. I have to admit when the going gets tough I do say things to myself like … “You can do this”, Ame. or “You’ve got this!” (grrrrr….. yep that one!) But these words of encouragement are to ME to help me not to give into the fatigue that threatens to bring me down, not to give into the fear that a wants to steal my JOY and energy. This is such an excellent post!! I agree 100% that individuality is discouraged, especially for us “artsy” types. Tough bananas! I will NOT put more pressure on myself and I will take time for ME in order to maintain Balance in ME so that I can continue this very challenging walk called MY LIFE.

    You go, Donna! Keep your individuality and do not ever allow anyone to back you into a corner, telling you you cannot be like this or that because ….. well it’s not politically correct (I detest that one!) or it’s just not the thing to do (oh yeah says WHO?). We are NOT slaves and have every right to be who we were born to be! My programming started as a child at home. Shape up or else! NOOOOOOOOO! My poor sis right now OH how my Heart just goes out to her because she just is not capable of handling life and so to this day dissociates. I know I do to a certain degree I do but I catch myself doing it in order to change that behavior.

    BRAVA to you!! Keep up shining your Light so that those who are still blind will someday see!! YAY for you!!! BIG (((HUGS)))!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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    1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

      Hey Amy!
      Yes, you are very determined to be YOU! I hear that in you and it’s great! Kids are outcasted from school for not fitting in – as you, yourself experienced. Personally I think kids that don’t “fit in” are a symptom that our system isn’t working and needs to expand the rigid parameters around what “education” is and isn’t. It’s certainly not “teach for the test.” Horrible really. Anyway, keep on being YOU and standing strong in your determination. We all have gifts, and these gifts are a part of our individuality!! When I look at one of your photos from your blog – I know it’s one of yours because the interaction with Mother Earth is contained within the photo itself. And when you share stories about intuitively healing your cats – that’s all you too! Thanks for sharing the gifts of your individuality with the world! Much love! Donna

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      1. AmyRose🌹 Avatar

        Hey right back at you! (smile) I celebrate my ME-ness every day. I was so lost for so long identifying who I was as being an RN and listening to “outer” sources directing me how to live my life. When I lost my job, my life as I knew it to be, that one phase of my life was the Biggest Gift I have been given. Years I walked around wishing I was “dead” because everything I had known ME to be was gone. Little by little I began to heal through my first camera, a film camera, being alone a lot as I questioned again and again who I am. Then came the cats. Then came my ability to hear my Inner Guidance for my own benefit. I walked away from all organized religion and formed my own way of belief. That is mine and no one will ever take it from me! I am discovering my Gifts more and more, and the Gifts that I know of, are getting even stronger.

        Thank you so much for being in my life, and coming into my life in the way you have. Our communications have been a real Gift to me, ones that I cherish. I still don’t have a whole lot of people I can talk “heart2heart” with and be accepted totally for who I am. That number is growing slowly, and I am SO glad!

        Today I know of no other way but to be ME. I couldn’t go back to being told what to do or how to do it. When and if I require help, I ask for it. Otherwise, I do what I do when I do it in the way I do it. LOL

        Tomorrow my post will be up. It turned out awesome (if I may say so) and the way I edited the Crocuses make those flowers just pop off the page. As for fitting in, naw! I’m seeing more and more people wanting to be themselves which is so so awesome. Keep putting out the GREAT word about the Truth. It’s glorious to see more of us doing this!! Oh for the JOY!!! Love, Amy

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        1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

          Yes, many times seemingly great losses can be our greatest awakeners! You took advantage of it! Again, thanks for being YOU and I’m looking forward to your next post! It is really nice to have like-minds to share ideas with so thanks so much!! Big hugs my friend!!!

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