Getting the Big Picture

Lifting High Enough to Get the Big Picture

I’ve come to realize that the beliefs, deep emotions and feelings that I’ve experienced at certain times in my life, seem like they are very old – maybe even before this lifetime. I continue to experience emotional events in my life that mirror the pain and suffering from my past – until I break the cycle and heal those old wounds. Have you ever thought to yourself: My God, this grief and pain I’m feeling is way more than the situation calls for! I certainly have, and it’s what got me to look deeper into what was happening beneath the surface of everyday cycles.

Humanity is waking up and on an ascension path – but it’s not about love and light as the new age would have us believe. As a matter of fact, all of humanity unknowingly experiences emotions and triggers that reach way beyond their present situation. Some of these more painful events can even be used against us. There is a lot of work to be done. That’s why getting a bigger picture is so important.

hard to wake up

We are all trying to wake up and it ain’t easy.

What I am describing is called the Dark Night of the Soul. The old wounds within us need to be acknowledged and felt – there is no way around it. The more you know about the Dark Night of the Soul – the better off you’ll be.

The good news is that any unwelcomed pattern or event we may find ourselves in presently, can be used as a platform from which to grow. But we must get high enough to see the bigger picture. Getting wrapped up in drama only serves to make the pattern deeper and more destructive.

The higher perspective says: I can use my present drama to help me tap into these deep wounds so I can feel and release them without a story or blame.
The ego says: Same old drama, different day. My boss sucks. I need a new job.

There is a path that leads the way out of destruction and into a deeper understanding and healing if we are willing to walk it.

That path is the path of truth. The following is an excerpt from a recent newsletter, Alignment to Natural Law, by Lisa Renee on Energetic Synthesis:

By clearing the negative ego and attachments to outcome, we have the ability to perceive what is actually happening. To recognize the pattern and the meaning that is associated with those patterns, that form into the larger picture which allow us to connect the dots. Gaining higher consciousness in which we choose to live in truth, means that we are aware of accurate events and what is actually taking place around us. We are willing to see events as they actually are, and not what we want them to be, or wish they were.”

lie truth

This is not an easy path. It requires a lot of self-inquiry, being nonjudgmental, and going deep, feeling things your ego has long been avoiding feeling. You must have a strong desire to free yourself from “the story” that serves the ego. My story used to begin with: “I hate my mother, I hate my father.” No kidding, that was the first sentence of my long, long, story about being a victim. I gave it up through forgiveness.

There are many layers, and sometimes growth feels like one step forward, two steps backwards. One day happy, three days depressed. But it does get easier the more you take the higher road of compassionate witness, observing it all from a higher perspective without attachment to an outcome.

The key is to not identify with your destructive thoughts because they are not who you are!! The guilt I felt and feelings of unworthiness left the door open for bullies and victimization. I believed everything was my fault and I was unworthy of love. It was my identity so my world HAD to reflect this belief.

Thoughts are things! And these things manifest!

Once I dis-identified with these destructive beliefs and saw them from an observer perspective by moving them outside of myself – my life changed. Understanding that most of what I was feeling and experiencing was beyond my consciousness, also helped me achieve the bigger picture.

Make it a daily practice to observe your thoughts. That’s the beginning. And ask for help if needed. The Law of Response states:

When we genuinely seek guidance and help from the spiritual-energetic realms, and we pray or ask directly for that guidance and support, that we will always receive a response.

I invite you to check out Energetic Synthesis and the recent newsletter of the Principles of the Natural Laws. This knowledge is invaluable when you are on a path leading out of destruction into freedom!

Godspeed! Don’t ever give up! You can do this!

9 responses to “Lifting High Enough to Get the Big Picture”

  1. AmyRose🌹 Avatar

    Oh my goodness, Donna, this is SO important and SO powerful! Your words bring more life to my HOPE in mankind that more and more are waking up! No, this waking up is not nearly quite near what we “thought” we would see. But! Do any of us truly SEE the bigger picture? It is SO hard to walk away from the screaming emotions in order to gain neutrality, the Place where Lessons can be both seen and learned. Forgiveness is key as well for along with these Lessons usually come a lot of pain with them. The incredible amount of Insights I have gained just since Cuddles’ demise, boggles my Mind. It’s like I’m on fast-forward now on this my Healing Journey. Perhaps the Foundation has been finally laid so that I am strong enough to endure the pit of despair again and again in order for the Knife of Healing to commence what it is meant to do. Bless you for your courage in even insisting on SEEING that which hurts so badly. Bless you with all I am!! Great post, dear friend! You are an inspiration! 💞

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    1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

      You truly understand in this healing journey my dear friend as I have witnessed you thrown inside out – right side in and up and down again. It’s like we’re being shaken alive and we need to feel all of it in order to have it heal and not be afraid of anything anymore. It’s not what we thought – and if anyone told us – well, not sure I would have signed up!! LOL So many parts of my life are being shaken up, as is yours, and we are taking the “Knife of Healing” as you so poetically put, out of the old, ancient wounds and using it to cauterize them for good. It’s an amazing time for healing, things are speeding up and there is lots of help. I have to keep my focus on the big picture and keep my heart open – it is only there I can hear myself. Godspeed to you my dear friend, and bless you for all your courage too. Nice to know we can inspire each other!!! Much love!

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      1. AmyRose🌹 Avatar

        Donna, I like you question if I would be on this Path if I had but known what it would entail. Ignorance is bliss, or so I’m told, and in this instance, Truth. The shakeups that rip me to shreds again and again strip me of all I am giving me rise to opportunity to assemble the remaining pieces into that according to my Essence of Who I AM. These deep wounds, OH MY GOD, are excruciating to excise and to release! You are also so correct in saying we are leaning towards or have arrived at the place that nothing no longer scares us. That is not necessarily true …. I was never so scared in my life knowing Cuddles was about to leave. Yet ….. because of the major ClusterFuck that occurred, I am no longer willing to compromise Veterinarian care whatsoever for Cuddles’ brothers and sisters. I am in the process of preparing in depth my documentation I require to “interview” a Vet that was recommended to us. Both Hubby and I are waiting for time to pass before we approach the Vet who did us so wrong for it is on our bucket list to tell this man and his wife exactly what we think of him and his establishment. I would not wish this extent of pain on any one, and to know you as well have dipped your toes and then immersed in the Pool of Despair leaves in its wake, such Compassion for you. Godspeed to YOU, dear friend, as we both continue our Journey. I know mine is far from over. I don’t know how I will go through 9 more losses and all that entails, but, this I shall do for LOVE surpasses all other aspects of life. LOVE is our Truth, Donna. And we will embrace all of us in that vein …. we are LOVE. HUGE (((HUGS)))!!! XOXO

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        1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

          Yes, at the end of the day – it is love! I have just pieced my heart together at the risk of feeling loss sometime again – to ultimately learn that love can never die or be destroyed. This has been a very hard thing to understand and experience. Have I really ever fully loved with such old wounds in the background preventing me from fully going in? It’s a great question to ponder. I guess that’s why we’re opening up the scabs, digging out the crud and allowing the wounds to heal for good. Incredible really! Take care my friend!

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          1. AmyRose🌹 Avatar

            We continue to learn more of Love and to live from that more, Donna. Very painful process. In order to undo the dark, we must revisit the dark in order for it to unlock its own self so that the Light of Love can take its place. You take care too!! XOXO

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            1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

              Spot on! Much love, ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. Gaia Ascension Forerunner Avatar

    Back atcha. Thanks for putting out good, useful info. Thanks also for what you do and be in and for this world.

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  3. Gaia Ascension Forerunner Avatar

    Excellent article. Realistic, honest and balanced.

    We are Powerful Creator Gods. I often say that Power and Responsibility (the ability to respond) go hand in hand. If you want your Power, you have to take Responsibility… for your own creations. That would be your life. But in this planetary and collective effort, it may not stop there.

    Yes, I not only addressed and transmuted my own life’s issues, but yes, past life stuff and, yeppers, collective stuff too… and helped Gaia also. After addressing your own stuff, yep, you may be called on to do “inner work” concerning helping the collective. If / when it happens, you have to treat it the same way as you would your own and it is often made to feel very personal so you will do just that… and transmute it through your personal energy field.

    Law of Response = ask and ye shall receive.

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    1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

      Thank you for your comment! Sounds like you have been doing some great inner work and completing life’s issues! I appreciate all you have contributed! Thank you!


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