Sacrificing for the Bottom Line

Sacrificing for the Bottom Line

I’ve held many positions within organizations – manager, customer service front-line, running an owner’s million dollar business, project manager, contractor, and employee left to my own devices. Every once in a while this quote from Werner Erhard comes into my consciousness:

I could always tell when an organization was in good shape. I could tell because the manager of the organization would always be talking about how great the people in the organization were. If the manager was talking about anything other than how great people in the organization were, I knew that the organization was in bad shape.

The way to manage an organization successfully is to manage it in such a way that you can be proud of the people with whom you are working. You have to find a way to interact with the people with whom you are working in a way that makes you proud of them. – Werner Erhard

I love his perspective because it’s the truth. It makes total sense. I’ve worked for many organizations, some really big corporations like GE and HP, some medium sized organizations like New England Power, and Sainsbury’s, and some smaller companies working for the owner. I’ve even worked for Landmark – which was Werner Erhard and Associates back in the day.

Lots of incredible experiences, none of which I would change. I know the difference between being valued as an employee and being seen as just another body. One thing I don’t like is being treated as a number. I give 100% at my jobs and when working for someone else, as in contributing to making their business a success – I want to be recognized in that success – a “Thank You” goes a long way.

I don’t know too many people who love what they do – and if you’re one of them – bless you. I’ve had jobs I loved and thrived in. This is the ultimate. Most people today are working to live – it’s been like this for years now. Companies are cutting back and closing down. Billions of profit isn’t enough? It’s become an excuse to cut numbers of employees and their benefits. “Sorry – we can no longer afford you.”

The company removes free tea and coffee. (Like that’s going to help)

It’s stupid business because it’s backwards. When I was a manager, I spoke with the people on the front line. They’re the ones with the ideas on how to run a company smoother – starting with better, sleeker, more efficient customer service. You’re only as good as your tools and if top brass have never worked your job, or spoken to you about your ideas, chances are they have no clue. The problem is they make the decisions without consulting the people who are the most effected.

Backwards for sure. The tools become useless, the employees get frustrated, sick time increases, health suffers, morality suffers and employees become apathetic drones – no one cares. Their ideas and enthusiasm dry up and days are spent counting down towards retirement. Everyone suffers – even the company whether they know it or not.

I’ve noticed a very interesting phenomena that occurs naturally in these situations – people sharing the same suffering join together in the trenches. Amongst themselves, they start to care about and look out for each other. Almost like a healthy gang – if you will. A camaraderie and bond is established. People find a way to care – it’s our basic nature. Unfortunately, in this situation, it’s born from a common enemy.

This agenda is used a lot against people on global scales. They know people band together when a common enemy is introduced. It’s a way to take advantage of something so inherent in human beings.

It’s always been my belief that if companies take care of their employees and see them as assets, they would thrive. Just as Werner’s quote states, being proud of your employees goes a very long way to success.

So why is it so backwards? Most corporations are not about the people, they’re not about caring. Trust me, if you feel like you’re a number – then you are. If you feel like no one listens – then they’re not. People know when they’re valued and respected, and they know when they’re being taken advantage of. It’s horrible to watch people so eager to contribute and share their ideas be reduced down to a drone.

These companies won’t change how they operate, this is dead-end thinking. You can’t make them care no matter how much you suffer. 

Now-a-days you are considered lucky to have a steady job, never mind you are doing the work of two or more people, you have something. Companies are taking advantage of the employees they have and making then do a lot more for less. They know they can get away with this because people want to keep their jobs for survival. It’s that basic now for so much of the population.

There are two solutions I’ve come up with if you find yourself in a situation as this:

  1. Quit and find another job. I’ve done this. Or,
  2. Do it for you. Do your job with as much integrity and respect as you can muster. Do it for your family too if you have one, make something up that is inspiring in some way. Turn it around so you aren’t a victim of some stupid company who will never care about you – turn it around so you are thriving within your story, your reason for being there and what you can contribute to the people around you. Create something to live for. Take back your power and see what happens.

Get out of jail free.

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves. Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.  – Viktor Frankl 

Find something to live for. Make it up if you have to, take your time to ponder this so it’s meaningful. 

I love Werner’s work and am proud to say I worked in a program of his for three years. It was amazing and transformative. I have other posts where I share more about transformational technology and how it has impacted my life! See below:

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9 responses to “Sacrificing for the Bottom Line”

    1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

      Thank you! Glad you stopped by!!

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  1. AmyRose🌹 Avatar

    Donna, it seems no matter where I go of late, people are talking about how they are standing up to what is NOT right. People are done being taken for granted, not listened to, not respected, and not seen as a person. Just today, to give you an example, I ran into a woman who like me has had a lot of “run ins” with the medical profession. She and I exchanged stories and we both agree democracy or our freedom to choose is becoming a real issue in the medical arena …. downright scary. She like me, however, is standing up and saying, “You can’t treat me like that!” or “I will not allow you to do that to me. That is MY decision to make, not yours.” Yes, I do see how bad things have gotten yet at the same time I am seeing people standing strong and doing what they can to not only improve their own lives, but to take their power back as individuals. I applaud US. I really do! This is the turning point ….. I can feel it. A real uprising has begun!

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    1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

      Hi Amy,
      I’m seeing a kind of uprising too. It’s happening here in the UK with Brexit. People are sick of politics determining their lives – or running around the bush with no results in this case. There was a Q&A on last night with the political candidates for the next election here and the people were really wanting honesty and direct answers to their very direct questions. Not sure how much longer politicians and “professionals” can hold off the metamorphosis of the people awakening and saying “NO MORE!” I’ve read some of your posts regarding doctor’s visits, I’ve had some of those too – and it’s true – it starts with US not taking it anymore. The world is making a shift into individualism – what’s right for me and my life – yeah, it’s begun. Thanks so much for stopping by!!

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      1. AmyRose🌹 Avatar

        This is a subject I could talk about all day long, Donna. My observations from the last 30 or so years. What I have been witnessing lately. How shocked I have become (yes still) at the extremes in this world. What I have done to survive this insanity. How scared I feel at times every time I walk into a doctor’s office due to having been kicked out of a huge medical facility for saying no and doing my own thing. How constantly disappointed I am that these doctors do not see the whole person or even want to know the whole person, but still cutting that person into body parts and systems. How it excites me to see random people in random conversations stating with real passion they are not taking this shit anymore and what they are doing about it.

        I’ll give you examples of what I have recently been exposed to. My GP who knows diddly about nutrition told me she does not recommend me eating kelp when I told a nurse from her office that is what I am doing, because “The American Diet” has enough iodine in it and therefore I do not have to eat or supplement with seaweed. I was furious! For one, what IS the American diet? That is such a broad statement for there are so many different cultures here that what is on the dinner table at one house is not in another house. How absolutely ludicrous and ignorant. That and I am on a very very restricted diet which she more or less shrugged off not being particularly interested as I deal with my severe allergies. When I retorted to her via email with data to prove what I was saying that my diet may be the problem why my thyroid levels are so off, she then replied, backpedalling as she did, well then go ahead and try it and see. I made my point! My thyroid levels went way out of wack for some reason and at least I am trying to find out why. Medicine wanting to know what is the source of the problem? Right!

        Did you know that the tetanus shot you cannot get alone? No. Now it comes with measles and mumps vaccine in one vaccine. Shocked? I was. Even if you had the measles or mumps as a child, you cannot have just the tetanus shot. It no longer exists.

        A woman about our age vehemently stated no one is going to mandate to her that she has to have the flu vaccine. What are they going to do, she shouted, come into her home and arrest her? Yes, she was stirred up! She won’t take it. And that is how it is going to stay. Como (asshole!) is trying to pass a law that stipulates no matter your health issues, you must get the flu vaccine. Again INSANITY! I’ll tell you that if I allow medicine to vaccinate me that all by itself probably would be the death of me. And that is no exaggeration. People are not going to stay quiet on this. They already are shouting NO!

        So, my conclusion is, that circumstances have to get really really bad for people to wake up. Why? People do not like change. I have great faith that what is transpiring all over the world, will gain momentum, gain speed, until that “movement” is a heck of a lot more powerful then the “few” who are in the power seats. People when they realize, there are lot more of us then them, will and are banding together to force change to happen.

        NO MORE ….. (smile) ….

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        1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

          Hi Amy,
          Exactly right on. When people really find out what’s really in that flu vaccine and other vaccines – they’d be angry to say the least. People have been purposely dumbed down – through medications, food additives and GMO, poor and unfordable health care, air and water quality, pollution, 5G, it’s a wonder anyone has survived this far. We are programmed to the hilt and to stand up and say “NO” is tough because we have been fed so much propaganda – no one knows the truth anymore. The agenda is to make people feel dumb and disorientated. Tough to rise up when your livelihood is being threatened or if fear has you by the throat. The more I separate from the drama, the better off I am. From there I can choose to participate or not – not from anger but from clarity.

          Yes, sometimes things need to get bad before people say “no more!” You are doing what you need for you – and that is where it starts! Listening to your body, doing your research rather than blindly following what an “expert” tells you – is a great place to start. Gaining momentum in our own truth is the way to go!

          Thanks again Amy for sharing all of your experiences and views – very helpful and enlightening!! You help a lot of people by sharing your posts and experiences!! Much love, Donna

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          1. AmyRose🌹 Avatar

            You humble me, Donna. Really. I’ve struggled against “reality” for so long and what I see and know I want others to as well. So I share with the intention those “ready” to “hear me” will. My “work” at times is so discouraging and there are times as well, I feel like throwing the towel in. Bless you for your caring and kinds words. And yes it is miraculous any of us are alive. I too strive to live in a “neutral” state yet honestly when someone i.e. doctor plays me for being stupid, you bet I feel furious. And you bet I fight back. Much love to you! (((HUGS))) for being AWAKE!!

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  2.  Avatar

    Beautifully put. Life is calling us to rise up and value ourselves.

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    1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

      Thank you. Yes, you are absolutely correct!


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