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How is Your Emotional Health?

You can improve your chances of being healthy and happy by allowing all emotions to be felt in the kindest, gentlest way.  This opens the door for freedom and allows self-love to be your guide.

Many years ago, I rarely gave feelings and emotions a second thought.  They hardly crossed my mind and didn’t factor into my day-to-day life.  I couldn’t grasp the concept of being overly emotional and judged emotional people.  I remember having the conscious thought once or twice while observing a very emotional person – my God, I don’t get it, she is acting like she’s possessed by an alien!  Hence, the world of emotions and feelings for me was alien!

Any emotion I felt was very minimal, with little expression.  This was ‘normal’ in my world.  There was no thought to it – it was automatic.  Lurking in the background, however, was a massive storage of emotions living inside me – unexpressed – waiting to be released!  I was clueless as to the extent of suppressed emotions inside – clueless!  It was a chest better left closed, or so I unconsciously believed.

At some point in my early years, I’d shut down many of my feelings, placing them in a nice, shiny box, tucked away safely, never to be felt again.  Now, I realize I was in denial and protecting myself from feeling some very uncomfortable feelings (guilt, shame, hatred, rage, depression, despair).  On the flip side of the coin, I’d also forgotten what excitement and joy felt like.  As an adult, I’d learned how to operate in the “safety zone”–meaning that I experienced life without feeling very much at all.  I avoided the higher and lower ranges.

My journey into unlocking emotions and feelings had actually begun when I returned to my childhood home in my late 40’s.  My father suffered with advanced Alzheimer’s, and my mother was his sole caregiver.  She was getting very stressed and worn-down, so I moved in with them.  I was prepared to help—but I wasn’t prepared for the intensity of emotions I was about to experience.

Lots of old feelings came back to confront me.  My father’s Alzheimer’s brought him back into the past, he was a different man from the person who had done so much healing in his life and become truly capable of love.  It was a painful but necessary part of my journey.  I had to go back and feel things I hadn’t felt for years.  It was traumatic and liberating at the same time, and it probably saved my life.

A few months after my father passed, I was walking, as usual, on a path near the house.  I was getting the feeling it was close to the time for me to move on.  My mother was settled and wanted her freedom too.  This was the day I had the conscious thought about love – I consciously chose to embark on a journey of self-love.  I wanted to love myself, to be a full self-expression of unconditional love.  I knew that more growth was ahead of me involving my heart.  But I had no idea what I was in for or what it meant to love myself unconditionally—or if it was even possible.

I also had no idea how to begin so I allowed the process to unfold, believing fully in my desire and trusting that all would be provided.

And so, as it goes with strong intentions, I happened to meet the exact person who was going to help me open and release the stored emotions and feelings allowing me to come into self-love.

I was introduced to this amazing work for dealing with feelings and emotions called: The Journey, founded by Brandon Bays It’s a remarkable process that helps people express their feelings without a story, something we believe is the cause (blame) for what we’re feeling, whether towards ourselves or someone/something else.  At the core of The Journey is the idea that our bodies hold onto and store old emotions that we’re not able to express fully when we originally felt them.  These unexpressed emotions can become blocks in our bodies which prevent us from being our true selves, whether emotionally or physically.

Any person living their life the best they know how in these rapidly changing times can improve their chances of being healthy and happy by feeling their emotions in the most kindest, gentlest way because it opens the door for freedom and self-love to be your guides. Click to read more!

Having a Journey is a direct way of accessing and clearing these blocks, leaving us free and whole to live from our true power inside.  It’s a simple technique that facilitates profound emotional and physical self-healing in the shortest possible time by accessing cell memories and limiting patterns easily.  It’s a road map to the soul giving direct access to the boundless healing potential inside us all.

I highly recommend it.  I learned that I don’t need to be afraid of feeling feelings, that I can feel them fully and release them, without a story or judgement.  There’s a lot of freedom in this.  Imagine feeling anger without needing anyone or anything to blame or pick a fight with, just feeling anger for the sake of it being an emotion.  I remember the first time I felt the feeling of ‘excitement’ doing this process.  It was incredible, then I felt a bit of fear creep in, I was like – what’s that?  I was gently told to feel the excitement, just the pure emotion of it.  I could then feel excitement without the fear, it was just a pure feeling after that.

When emotions aren’t personal, when you have them as opposed to identifying with them – you have freedom!

It’s a very powerful process.  There’s documented evidence of participants healing diseases like cancer.  For ultimate health and well-being, we need to clean out the dirt and rubble that gets stuck in our bodies, causing breakdowns and malfunctions.  If we can do this in the kindest, gentlest way, we’re on the path of healing and self-love!

There are many emotional healing modalities, put out a strong intention and the perfect modality will show up for you!

Click here to go to The Journey web-site: https://www.thejourney.com

Click here for Dawn Hubbard’s web-site, a highly recommended, certified Journey Practitioner

For an inspiring story about self-love and heart healing: 

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2 responses to “How is Your Emotional Health?”

  1. Mollie Player Avatar

    I am definitely still doing the suppression thing. I don’t know why, exactly. It is just my habit. I think mostly right now I’m too busy with three kids and a career … but maybe that’s just an excuse. In any case: Nice to find your blog, meet you, and add you to my WordPress network, Donna.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Donna Guillemette Avatar

      Hi Mollie and welcome!! I am glad you stopped by. No worries about the “suppression thing.” Give your self some credit for at least knowing this about yourself! Sounds like you are on the right path!! Thanks for your comment!! Donna


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