Dark Arts in Sports - FIFA

FIFA Teams Employ the “Dark Arts” to Bully and Intimidate During the 2018 World Cup

Atrocious behavior from players participating in the FIFA World Cup has made watching the games both unpleasant and frustrating.  I’m shocked at the blatant, aggressive tactics used by some of the teams. It’s like watching “big time wrestling” on a football (soccer) field. Many behaviors I’ve witnessed would be considered assault on the streets and would warrant arrest.

The England vs Columbia game would have been more appropriately
played in the Roman Colosseum!!

FIFA Teams Employ the "Dark Arts" to Bully and Intimidate During the 2018 World Cup

These aggressive behaviors have dangerously moved themselves into the “comic” and “oh that’s just the game” realms of comfortability and acceptability. It’s very disturbing and by no means should be tolerated!! It’s out right bullying and the message to millions of viewers over the world is:

Bullying is OK. If you do it right, you can get away with it just like they do on TV.

Some may say I’m overreacting . . . but I believe this kind of behavior should never be tolerated and there’s no reason for it. Columbia played better when they were focused on playing the game as opposed to upsetting the flow of the game. One of the commentators during the Columbia vs England match said Columbia was using the “dark arts.” I couldn’t believe he actually said this – but to tell you the truth, it was an accurate statement.

Headline from The Guardian:

An otherwise brilliant World Cup has been cheapened by the kind of histrionics witnessed in England’s game with Colombia and they have become a cancer in the game.

FIFA Teams Employ the "Dark Arts" to Bully and Intimidate During the 2018 World Cup

Like it or not, many of these players are role models for kids who really look up to them, kids who want to play sports and emulate their heroes.

It’s possible to play a fair game with grace and skill, a game with respect for the sport and other players.  The team from Japan exemplified this possibility.  I really enjoyed watching them play as a team and found I could relax and enjoy soccer for soccer sake.

FIFA Teams Employ the "Dark Arts" to Bully and Intimidate During the 2018 World Cup

I’m not sure in what direction soccer/football is headed, but I hope it leans towards sportsmanship and respect. I know the “yellow cards” and unsportsman-like behavior has received a lot of press and made people upset. Maybe this year’s World Cup will see the last of the dirty plays.

6 responses to “FIFA Teams Employ the “Dark Arts” to Bully and Intimidate During the 2018 World Cup”

  1. Sonya Lee Avatar

    Hey Donna,
    Fantastic coverage of the ‘dirty plays’ from some of the team players. You mentioned the word, “Dark Arts”. I agree!
    Dark Portal or Partial Entity Possession comes to mind. https://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/Dark_Portal

    Aggression, spitefulness, deliberate acts to harm other people is ‘not human’. I sense the players who engaged in the dirty play behavior have been led astray from their true divine identity as Diamond Sun Humans.

    I believe that kindness, respect, love, consideration, fairness, compassion for one’s fellow human and healthy-minded competition to engage-in, and enjoy a sport such as Soccer, or any activity, is the mark of a True Human, who is aligned to the Law of One Principle, Unity Consciousness.

    Most importantly, the original spiritual blueprint of the game players who were witnessed to behave in ‘dark ways’, are Diamond Sun Humans. I hold a space of support for them. May they be blessed and healed to realign back to their true, divine selves.

    With God Sovereign Free Love,

    Sonya Lee

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  2. AmyRose🌹 Avatar

    All reflected is what is happening in this world. Bullying seems to be accepted in so many circles and the intensity of unexpressed frustration and anger rises. Sadly the respect for others no longer seems important. How awful to hear that even in sports this bullying trend is being seen and watched, as you say, by adoring “younger” fans who will learn to emulate this behavior. I hear from my neighbor the terrible antics a certain 7-year old child displays while playing T-ball which his mother comments … “oh isn’t that cute?”.

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    1. DonnaG Avatar

      Exactly right Amy. Respect? Sportsmanship? Those are getting to be a thing of the past sadly. And that kid you wrote about – his mother’s comment?? She needs to get a grip on his behavior or she won’t be saying how cute he is when he’s badly injured someone else – or worse – in a jail cell. I really was shocked watching the games and left wondering – what the hell happened???


      1. AmyRose🌹 Avatar

        I share your shock, Donna. When I was told what this little boy does my mouth just hung wide open especially when I heard what his mother said. You are exactly right in saying what you did, because that little boy is growing up in such a way he is going to land in big trouble. I wouldn’t want to be in that mother’s shoes for all the money in the world! When that little boy and I interact he senses that I will not tolerate that kind of behavior from him so he more or less avoids me. I’m just shaking my head as I write this… I no longer recognize so much of this world!

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        1. DonnaG Avatar

          Yes, me either, I don’t recognize this world – this is not the world we know possible. Glad you’re in it though!

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          1. AmyRose🌹 Avatar


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