Alice McVeigh

"A deep, honest and moving portrayal of someone coming to terms with their different "selves" along with their past. Strongly recommended, for anyone interested in self-discovery, healing, energy healing, and opening themselves to their personal truth."

Paula Lena

"From page 1 I was able to connect with Sofie! My life seems very similar to hers and I felt a deep connection! Even shed a few tears! I did some deep soul searching as I read her journey in transformation."

Cynthia Keating

"I would like to compliment Donna on a wonderfully tender journey with her inner child. One we all would benefit from. Beautiful story of locating the seemingly lost pieces of one's self & merging with them.......really to realise they were there all along.....the alchemy of reclaiming our divine wholeness."

Dawn Hubbard

"Loved it!...and once I started reading I was right there with Donna on this magical and thought provoking journey to her heart. I highly recommend it, an amazing shamanic and inspiring book."

Nicola Douglas

"This book has opened my eyes to so much I feel like it has touched me on such an emotional way and warmed me completely. I can't really explain exactly what this book has done for me except I feel lighter and happier about life in general. This book is for everyone it really makes …

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Adele Pink

"I read all of your book today as I couldn't put it down!!! Amazing. What a great read! I love Sophie. What an amazing little girl, so wise. And Johnnie and Joanie are adorable. I absolutely loved the fairy over the wooden bridge, that was your grandma."

AnneMarie Kryenhof

"Donna, I don't know what to say, there are no words to express my feelings during and after I finished reading your book. I hope that this book will not be stored somewhere on a shelf, it can help many to gain awareness of what aspects are and from there start their own inner journey …

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Marilyn Dodds

"Donna, I just finished reading your book.  I really liked it!  I think your journey will be very helpful to those who need to make that journey and have yet to do so or have some reservation (fear) about doing it.  Your prose has a very powerful energy about it.  Definitely sent by your Higher …

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K. Phelps

"What a clever idea to elaborate on the relationship between inner child & outer adult child. I'm thinking that it could even be simplified to help children at their crucial age learn about this so they're not left having to do it as fumbling adults. Anything that can get people of all ages to embrace …

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Carolan Gosselin

"I am really enjoying reading your book. Thank you so much for sending it. I think it is quite unique and a brave and wonderful way to tell your personal story. It also comes at an opportune moment as the message is very relevant. I do love it when things come into life at exactly …

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