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About the Author

Donna wondered many years ago if her life would end the same as her parents – Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Her father looked at her, in his very late stage of Alzheimer’s, and said “You’re going to end up just like me!” Donna felt the profound truth of his words and decided to free herself from familial patterns. Not long after her decision, The Path to My Heart was written.

She is committed to following the path to healing her heart! Her passion is personal growth through negative ego-clearing and Genetic Path Cutting (healing ancestral line and family of origin through various levels of clearing and releasing  old cellular patterns that are held in human DNA). She is determined to end destructive familial patterns, knowing as she heals, her family also benefits.

Donna believes healing the heart is the single most important thing someone can do. Healing the heart happens with intention and a desire and willingness to feel. This takes no less than 100% commitment and isn’t an easy task. However, a life of sovereignty and freedom from fear is worth it!

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