Duck and Cover

Who are you relying on to inform you of the truth? Is it your neighbor? The news media? Work colleagues? Social media? The government? Your friends and family? Experts? These groups of people may know or report on a small percentage of the actual truth – and who knows where they obtained their information fromContinue reading “Duck and Cover”

An Opportunity to Heal

Not sure how anyone can escape being effected by the world stage at this time in history. I wouldn’t blame any one for having feelings like frustration, bewilderment, or fear from these global events, governments, or state of the world. Propaganda or not, it’s a very challenging time to be alive. However, there is somethingContinue reading “An Opportunity to Heal”

Life is Like That

Life is just like that – we take steps without really understanding who is the one walking and sometimes we need to look back to see truly how we arrived where we are standing. But for how much longer can we get away with living this way? I dare say time is running out onContinue reading “Life is Like That”