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  • New Normal? Are we there yet?

    May be good news for some, and bad news for others – but there is no new normal to be attained – there never was. You can not go backwards moving forward. This may be a scary thought for those who have been waiting patiently for things to level off to some sort of normalcy. What’s coming can not be stopped, nor will it appear ‘normal’ in any way, shape, or form.

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  • What Really Matters in Life?

    I was recently on a WordPress course called ‘Where is Your Audience Hiding?’ It was quite good and went deeper than I though it would. I had to look at what makes me unique, why am I different, and why would someone want to read what I write and who would that person be. We each had to write down a sentence for what we offer that’s unique and search that sentence on the internet. I searched: “How to make my spiritual growth easier.” The search results were all quite similar, but one in particular stood out, hence the title of this post.

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  • The Bifurcation

    One person’s perception of reality can vary greatly from another’s, however during this time of history, the division is becoming more and more pronounced. I’ve really noticed this on a large scale through a neighborhood group app (county wide) I joined. I find the topics very interesting and the opinions that are shared, sometimes quite shocking. It’s clear to me that humanity is experiencing a bifurcation: the division of something into two branches or parts, as the sharing on this app clearly demonstrates.

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  • Learning Discernment: A Crucial Skill

    The first counsel written over the gateway to the temple of Delphi, “Know Thyself” is an important element of good discernment.  In my experience, there’s a direct correlation between the quality of discernment and how well we know ourselves.  Having good discernment can help us see things with a clear eye and receive answers to questions like:

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  • Ending Negative Self-Talk

    Negative beliefs and self-talk are very destructive to ourselves and others, mostly because we believe these negative things we tell ourselves are true. This is mainly because we identify with them and use “I am” in front of things like being a burden, weak, not worthy, a mistake . . . It’s not true.  You’re not a burden!  Your negative thoughts are a burden – more likely.  Wars are fought over beliefs.  We would die for some of them, believing ourselves to be “right” to the death.  Many times, we find these beliefs we suffer over aren’t even ours.  They are ones we picked up from our parents, family, friends, teachers and the media.

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  • Does God Exist? Eliminating the Barriers of Separation

    Not so long ago, I realized my connection with God was tentative. I’m in no way religious, so I wasn’t worried about the wrath of God. I was a bit skeptical however, or maybe I had some unfinished business with Him. I knew about things like synchronicity, The Secret, The Law of Resonance, the Universe, etc., but my interest was mainly from a point of view: That’s just how things work here. It didn’t have anything to do with God.

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  • Are you Listening?

    Are You Listening . . .

    Awareness and listening are both very important components of communication. There may be a variety of things outside our conscious awareness trying to get our attention for a chance to interact with us. The subtle and varied ways they use to get our attention can sometimes be tough to interpret and may slip under our radar. The trick is knowing that it’s possible, and understanding that messages can come from anywhere at anytime.

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  • Time to Relax

    Time to Relax

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  • Return to Innocence

    A Return to Innocence

    I’ve made a career out of being hard on myself. I’ve been my own worst enemy and abuser, experiencing cycles that delve into darkness, shutting down and withdrawing – closing off to the world and becoming unavailable. However, I do have the ability to carry on as if nothing’s wrong and fit in – when needed. My father was like that too.

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  • Divine Demonstration

    A Divine Demonstration

    I recently spent a week on Iona island in Scotland where I found myself living and witnessing a very powerful Divine demonstration. The island’s guardian is Columba, a very special being. On the first evening of my arrival, a friend of mine who I travelled with and had been to the island many times before, took me on a bit of a tour. We ended up at the abbey. We stopped at a small room attached to the Abbey (photo below, small door shown to the left of the cross) and went inside.

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  • main stream media propoganda

    Duck and Cover

    Who are you relying on to inform you of the truth? Is it your neighbor? The news media? Work colleagues? Social media? The government? Your friends and family? Experts? These groups of people may know or report on a small percentage of the actual truth – and who knows where they obtained their information from and what filters, biases and judgments the information passed through.

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  • Healing Opportunity

    An Opportunity to Heal

    Not sure how anyone can escape being effected by the events happening on the world stage at this time in history. I wouldn’t blame any one for feeling anger, frustration, fear or even trauma. The world can feel like a very unsafe place to be right now. Propaganda or not, it’s a very challenging time to be alive. However, if these events are bothering you to the point of getting in the way of your day to day life, and effecting your health and wellbeing, there is something you can do to help yourself come into a place of peace.

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  • Bridging the Gap from Shadow body to Light Body

    Life is Like That

    Life is just like that – we take steps without really understanding who is the one walking and sometimes we need to look back to see truly how we arrived where we are standing. But for how much longer can we get away with living this way? I dare say time is running out on that way of being.

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  • Self Publishing a book from a Blog

    Turn a Blog into a Book

    That’s exactly what I did. I’ve been writing blog posts for 3 years fairly consistently up until almost a year ago. I felt like I wrote all I could at the time so I took a break. My posts consist mainly of my own personal growth experiences. I love to share what I’ve learned with others to help them along on their journey. That was the point of my blog.

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  • release burdens with Florence Scovel Shinn

    Florence Scovel Shinn Affirmations will Help You Release Burdens

    If you haven’t heard of Florence Scovel Shinn, or her affirmations, well there’s no time like the present. She’s an avatar who was born in 1871 and her affirmations are timely and ‘work a treat’ when felt to ‘click in’ with the person stating them. The ‘click’ is an actual physical feeling as worry and fear leave the consciousness. Very powerful indeed.

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  • Surrendering for an easier life

    Surrendering – it Works

    I have a lot of experience with surrendering.  Actually, to be more truthful, I have more experience not surrendering and using my willpower to bully on through, beyond where stopping, or at least slowing down would’ve been a better option.  Using my willpower to push past where I’m meant to go is very tiring and futile.  It’s also painful.

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  • Sacrificing for the Bottom Line

    Sacrificing for the Bottom Line

    I’ve held many positions within organizations – manager, customer service front-line, running an owner’s million dollar business, project manager, contractor, and employee left to my own devices. Every once in a while this quote from Werner Erhard comes into my consciousness:

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  • Individuality

    You are You, end of Story

    It’s taken me forever to write another blog post simply because I really get that no two people are the same!! I knew this but it felt nebulous, or casual in a way. How can I write posts about growing spiritually if we are all different? The guidance I give is based on my personal experience and will be true for some people but not for all. No information or way of living will ever apply to everyone, and yet there is a great assumption out there that it will.

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  • Pinterest top 20 Images

    These Top 20 Images Received Thousands of Impressions and Engagements on Pinterest

    I have a Pinterest account and I love it! I mainly post quotes, blog post images, comics, life lessons, etc. I can’t believe all the impressions and engagements I receive. In nine months I have gained 3.2 million monthly viewers and 3,400 followers. It’s very exciting and I’m having such a great time pinning!! I pin what attracts me, things I like and want to keep. Pinterest is a great place to do this because it’s easy!

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  • Human Design Basics

    Human Design: Utilizing Your Authority to Make Correct Decisions

    Do you ever fret over making big decisions? Do your emotions get in the way trying to make everyone happy? Does your mind cloud things up with reasons, justifications and pros and cons? Or maybe you just blurt out an answer to end the torture! Decisions made this way usually are not in your best interest and can get messy.

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  • Keeping Your Individuality

    Getting Awake and Wise to Keep Your Individuality

    I’ve been noticing a shift in the narrative that’s being aimed at individuality, it’s out there and it’s happening right under our noses.  Individuality is becoming extinct.  Watch and listen – people are being categorized all the time.  The individual is a dying species.

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  • How do I love myself?

    Self Love: An Important Discovery

    Every single judgment we have about ourselves – conscious or unconscious – diminishes any hope we have for achieving self-love.  Every single slight or negative thought detracts from reaching our goal.  We’re programmed and conditioned into believing we are never enough.  Look around.  So much pressure, stress and strain to be perfect – how can anyone feel love for themselves?  Even sadness – one of God’s most precious feelings – has been made to feel wrong: “Don’t be sad.

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  • Getting the Big Picture

    Lifting High Enough to Get the Big Picture

    I’ve come to realize that the beliefs, deep emotions and feelings that I’ve experienced at certain times in my life, seem like they are very old – maybe even before this lifetime. I continue to experience emotional events in my life that mirror the pain and suffering from my past – until I break the cycle and heal those old wounds. Have you ever thought to yourself: My God, this grief and pain I’m feeling is way more than the situation calls for! I certainly have, and it’s what got me to look deeper into what was happening beneath the surface of everyday cycles.

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  • 20 Essentials for Healthy Living

    20 Essentials That Will Make Your Busy Life Easier

    Getting back to the essentials and basics is important.  I find I need to stop all “input” occasionally because it only adds to any frustration I may be experiencing especially when things build up for too long.  When I can’t get quiet to hear my own thoughts or feel my heart – it’s time to take a break.

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  • How to be in touch - communication

    Are We Really In Touch? How to Enhance Communications

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