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The Path to My Heart

Spiritual tools, insights and wisdom gained along the Path to My Heart

Ending Lies, Living Truth

Ending Lies, Living Truth gives you the tools you need to transform your life, creating something new and exciting that only you can express. It’s very possible to end the lies of the past and create what you desire. Your future is up to you, it’s in your capable hands.

My Blog Posts

An accumulation of articles written from a personal growth perspective loaded with tools I’ve found for living a conscious life with both feet on the ground. My main goal is to bridge the gap between suffering and freedom, allowing for a life of peace!

Please have a look around and enjoy!

The Path to My Heart

I had a strong intention to meet my inner child so we could heal together. This intention birthed a story of healing and integration that exceeded my expectations. The Path to My Heart is about finding and healing lost aspects and integrating them healthfully into your heart as described in my book.

Excerpt from The Path to My Heart
Chapter 11, The Enemy

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