Reclaim Wholeness on The Path to Your Heart

If you are interested in:

  • self-discovery,
  • healing,
  • personal growth, and
  • living a life congruent with your true nature,

The Path to My Heart is for YOU!

Find the path to your heart and follow it without delay!
Wonderful discovers and new excitement awaits you!

My Book

“An amazing read. I think we can all relate to this story at one level or another. I can recommend it to anyone. A true and honest tale.” ~David Graham

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In a very wonderful and amazing way, Donna’s journey began! Armed with the intention to love herself, she was presented with a great gift – a chance to walk and talk with her lost pieces from childhood. It was an incredible opportunity as Donna had never met anyone who had received such a gift. Together, Donna and her pieces embark on a wonderful and surprising journey of self-discovery, willing to become whole again by facing their past and ultimately filling the void inside with love. So was born The Path to My Heart!

Fall in love with Sophie, the wise and adorable  inner child, as she  laughs her way through her greatest fear. Meet Joanie and Johnnie, the feminine and masculine aspects who find themselves split apart by trauma. And Shellie, the warrior, who comes to realize she is battling her own strength as she embarks on her journey of self-discovery and faces her biggest challenge!


“From page one, I was able to connect with Sofie! My life seems very similar to hers and I felt a deep connection! Even shed a few tears! I did some deep soul searching as I read her journey in transformation.” ~Paula Lena

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With intention, you too may integrate yourself on the path to your heart,
and grow from wholeness and love.

My Blog

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I am a truth-seeker and believe that healing the heart is the single most important thing you can do for your self. Healing the heart happens with intention and a desire and willingness to feel. This takes no less than 100% commitment and isn’t an easy task. However, a life of sovereignty and freedom from fear is worth it!

My blog contains insights I have gained along The Path to My Heart that I hope will be of benefit to you. It is more of an “Epilogue” to the story in my book which continues to live on in my experiences as a timeline of sorts that moves and grows with me. Check it out!

Please note: My blog posts are not like my book. My book is in story form. You can read more about my blog here!