A Divine Demonstration

Divine Demonstration

I recently spent a week on Iona island in Scotland where I found myself living and witnessing a very powerful Divine demonstration. The island’s guardian is Columba, a very special being. On the first evening of my arrival, a friend of mine who I travelled with and had been to the island many times before, took me on a bit of a tour. We ended up at the abbey. We stopped at a small room attached to the Abbey (photo below, small door shown to the left of the cross) and went inside.

The energy felt lovely and the atmosphere was calming and inviting. It was a small room, lit only by candle light. There were four chairs set up two by two, facing each other and a simple altar with the candle and a bust dedicated to Columba on it.

Small opening behind the cross is the door to the room dedicated to Columba

We decided to sit down facing each other and closed our eyes, allowing ourselves to relax. After a short while, we felt an amazing energy all around us. It was sweeping us clean – removing all the heaviness attached that we carried to the island from our lives. It felt very cleansing sorely needed. Once the cleansing energy diminished, a new energy came in, one that was attuning us to the frequency vibration of the island. It was a beautiful, pure energy. We sat there content, allowing the energy to fulfill itself, feeling so much lighter and restored as the minutes passed. It was a very powerful experience and demonstration – we were being cared for.

The ease and flow of being Divinely guided is available to anyone who is open and willing to receive.

Demonstrations of Divine energy and guidance continued as the days on the island unfolded. I found it easy to let go of my will, fears, uncertainties and my beliefs as I was shown continuous opportunities for surrender and trust in the Divine. For example, I had wanted to visit Staffa Island for 17 years since visiting Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. Both Staffa Island and Giant’s Causeway are steeped in mythology and said to be the ends of a great causeway made by two giants throwing rocks at each other. I truly wanted to put my feet on both ends.

I called the local people who provide tours to Staffa and turns out they were having boat problems and wouldn’t be going out until Thursday. We were leaving Saturday so that didn’t leave much time in case something went wrong. There was another not-so-local boat company, but I had been shown wonderful demonstrations and trusted all would be well – It was either my time to visit there, or not.

Turns out we got on the boat fine and Thursday was the perfect day to go. The sea was very calm and the trip was amazing. The captain of the boat was able to place the bow into Fingal’s cave – only happens about 20 times a year when the weather allows – it was epic!!

Here’s another example of a Divine demonstration: I was out on a walk one day and coming upon a gate. I could see two elderly ladies also approaching so I decided to hold the gate open for them. We chatted for a bit and they said – “Go ahead, you’re faster then we are.” I said: “No, I’m staying with you, I’m interested.” We had a lovely chat and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I saw our encounter as Divinely orchestrated and had no intention of missing out on the possibility of the interaction with them. There was no reason to rush ahead. I will always cherish that time I spent.

All will be revealed – not in my time, but in God’s time.

I spoke with some wonderful people and everyone was very friendly. This is what the world is like when the worries, fears and burdens are lifted and Divine energy is allowed to flow – in its own timing. There is a Divine plan – I trust that. I am now fully on board with the Divine plan for my life and for the restoration of peace and Divinity on Earth. If my week on Iona was any indication that we are all being watched over – then I can confidently say this energy is available here and now to anyone who so desires to flow with it.

Let the turbulent waters rage all around as you calmly flow, fully protected and guided on the boat of Divine energy. Surrender and trust all will be well – because it will.

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7 thoughts on “A Divine Demonstration

  1. What a truly remarkable experience and post you shared Donna.. Trusting and letting go and allowing one’s self to be guided within the flow of life, knowing that all is well as we allow the peace and trust in the Divine guidance and knowing that all is in perfect order and so it is divinely timed..

    Loved that you got into Fingal’s Cave entrance.. What a marvel it is for sure..
    And it makes one ponder upon the history of land and sea and all that went into its creation as we see those wonderful shapes continued end to end.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Loved that you found such peace and connections Donna.. ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Hi Sue!
      Thank you for your thoughtful comment! It was so easy to flow and trust – no struggle. It made a believer out of me. Feels like this ease is returning. I have full trust and faith that all will be well and we are being looked after. It’s a good feeling. A good point – the history of our lovely planet and all her creations is something wonderful to ponder!! Much love!! Donna

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