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Florence Scovel Shinn Affirmations will Help You Release Burdens

If you haven’t heard of Florence Scovel Shinn, or her affirmations, well there’s no time like the present. She’s an avatar who was born in 1871 and her affirmations are timely and ‘work a treat’ when felt to ‘click in’ with the person stating them. The ‘click’ is an actual physical feeling as worry and fear leave the consciousness. Very powerful indeed.

Here’s an example of one of my favorite affirmations:

I cast the burden on the Christ within and I go free.

Every time I say this, I feel a huge release and weight lifted off my shoulders. It’s that easy and that fast because I really believe what I am affirming. I believe the Christ within me takes this earthly burden from my mind and handles it. I believe when burdens are cast, we release control of the ‘how’ things happen and give it to a higher power.

Here’s another great one:

I have weapons ye not know of, I have ways which will astound you.

A switch flipped on March 11, 2020 – everyone’s lives changed on a global scale and it continues. Massive fear campaigns are running – you are either afraid or not. I wasn’t afraid and could feel something was very off with the narrative. I didn’t believe what was being reported.

Two Camps

Two things happened. People either woke up and saw what was happening or they were hypnotized under a spell of fear, chaos and confusion. I find it fascinating how fast this happened. Many people lost friends and family members – not to the virus, but from side-taking. Either you believe the media narrative or you don’t. There doesn’t seem to be an in between. Both sides are very passionate too, standing their ground.

Divide and conquer tactics are working. People are being used against people to keep the war going. It’s a very sad state of affairs.

Many people live in fear for their lives, unable to feel their intuition and inner nudgings from their heart and body. The boogie man has manifested into human reality. People have forgotten their inherent God-given power.

Best place for me is remaining neutral.

Remaining neutral feeds nothing and allows for a big picture perspective. I cast this burden on the Christ within and I go free. It’s not pie in the sky if you truly believe. Let go, release the burden of fear, hand it over to God’s army because people fighting amongst themselves only hurts and separates us.

Fear also destroys our immune system. This year’s corona virus was not a pandemic – it was a fear-demic. It’s been proven that no more people died this year than other recent years. There were, however other more severe consequences directly related to the fear-based reaction.

If you felt something off and weren’t sure what to do, take your power back by remaining neutral. Place yourself in God’s hands knowing all is well. Stop believing what you are being told and do your own research! Stop watching fear programming. Learn about your immune system, and about your body. Read up on viruses, Vitamin D, metabolic health, PCR Tests, actual numbers – get educated.

Ask questions. Do the research.

Get your power back!!

You will quickly be led to the truth and will no longer be afraid. It’s all in your hands and remains your choice. Vibrate at truth and you get truth. It’s that simple.

So when you find yourself reacting and in fear, remember Florence and cast the burden because God has weapons ye not know of!

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11 responses to “Florence Scovel Shinn Affirmations will Help You Release Burdens”

  1. Sue Dreamwalker Avatar

    Wise words Donna…. So many are divided into two camps of awareness.. I have become aware of those who just wish to bury their heads in the sand… My passion of a mission I have always felt drawn to in bringing awareness of this world is waning…. To the point I almost, Almost give up….. Part Four may well be the last post for a long while… As I just want to bring awareness to those who have NO clue….
    I see clearly the ‘Dream-spell’ Sadly those who do not wake do not see the darker implications for ALL of mind-kind if these untested loaded- cures are rolled out and forced upon the world..
    They do not see that Nature’s herd immunity would deal with this in its own way, like any flu virus… And yes any loss is a tragedy…. But statistics do not add up as we know…
    Great words and thoughts….
    Sending LOVE and well wishes… Great quotes chosen 😀 and the second one resonated
    “I have weapons ye know not of, I have ways which will astound you.”…. I so hope so…
    ❤ ❤ ❤ 🙏

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    1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

      Hi Sue! Glad you stopped by. The air waves are being filled with fear, depression, and “give up” frequencies. Suicides are off the chart – especially with teens. It’s very sad. Hang in there my friend!! Every time I go for a walk in the woods near our home I see dog poop everywhere – not being picked up, and black dog bags thrown onto trees. I think: “My God, how the hell is humanity going to make it if they can’t even dispose of their own pet’s poop?” My mind can’t get it. I guess we have some cognitive dissonance too in this regard – the lack of responsibility and accountability is staggering. The other thing that’s staggering is no matter how many times we speak the truth, no matter in how many different ways – it’s not going in. Weirdest thing I ever witnessed. It’s like what Marion wrote in a comment – we take responsibility for ourselves. We move the energy with us and whoever wants to follow – great! I love that quote of Florence’s too – we need to believe God has weapons we not know of, ways which will astound us!! Take care, never give up (advice given to me) and know you are loved!! Take care, Donna

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      1. Sue Dreamwalker Avatar

        So agree with you there Donna… And oh my goodness.. I counted six bags of dog poop just slug on the path not even into the trees like before… And a dog bin at the entrance of the path, some dog poop bags just yards away…. What is wrong with people???
        It beggars belief…. An elderly gent with his two springer spaniels who were also as old as he lol… Picked up three and put them in the bin and we were walking behind him at a distance and saw what he did clearing other peoples dog poop in bags.. WHY bag it if you are not going to dispose of it??
        I used to think it was teenagers and children who couldn’t be bothered to carry it but its not, its adults who should know better. And yes so sad about suicides … There is a generation of young people who have been sadly let down in their exam and education this year.. My great niece her exams cancelled and her medical entrance to Leeds University cancelled .. She now has to sit again and take another entrance exam just to get an interview she wants there.. She is realising it is a post code lottery as a friend got in last year with lower grades she got… She wants to be a Dr.. And is bright as a button to what is going off right now…
        Sending Love and feel better today my friend.. Thank you ❤

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        1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

          Thanks Sue! Some how, some way . . . . Have a good weekend! Much love, Donna

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          1. Sue Dreamwalker Avatar
  2. Miriam Avatar

    Wonderful post Donna, one that I wish everyone could read. In my life, I seem to be surrounded by people who are not willing to question, or if they begin, they seem afraid to go any deeper. I’ve realised everyone has a responsibility only to themselves so I’ve stopped trying to convince. Loved your post, the quotes and yes, I too stand neutral and hand over my worries. Things are playing out as they should. Despite the mainstream narratives for me it’s always been faith over fear. xx

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    1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

      Hi Miriam! Thanks so much for stopping by, and so glad you liked my post and Florence. She’s a gem! I’d say about 80% of the people are in the place you described and it doesn’t help them or us when we continue to hope that “maybe this time they’ll hear!” You are correct – a responsibility to ourselves, living by example is really the only way to be true. Yes – faith over fear! I like that! Take care and thanks again! xx

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  3. AmyRose🌹 Avatar

    Beautiful, Donna!!! Truthful, neutral and to the point. Simply written so that every single person can understand. OH I get it about the fear and you know it. I’ve chosen to be fearless for let’s face it, NOTHING has changed regarding LIVING with viruses and bacterias. Since March when I figured out that this so-called pandemic IMO was deliberately planned, it was then and there I walked from fear. People have to learn on their on terms and in their own time, that to walk away from fear is to take back their own power. I refuse to allow anyone to take my personal power away from me. I live within the limitations forced upon mankind and I create my own life freely and powerfully. LOVE this post!! I hope many and I mean many people get over here to THINK. And oh, fyi ….. WHO yesterday stated lockdowns need to be lifted. Will anything even happen? Will these draconian measures stop? I’ll tell you true …. one man that I know of will get these measures to stop not only in the USA but the world. He’s already touting the truth!! Thank you so much for writing the truth!! Good for you!! xo

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    1. The Path to My Heart Avatar

      Hi Amy! I love what you wrote: “People have to learn on their own terms and in their own time, that to walk away from fear is to take back their own power.” Yes. It’s not easy to do and may take several attempts – but that’s ok. The awareness helps – so thanks for really getting it! And, yes, humans have been living with viruses and bacteria for millennia – we can’t live without them. Best to just get on with life, as we have done. If anything, hopefully people are becoming better aware of how to help themselves, without fear, and take their heath into their own hands. Thanks again my friend! Much love, Donna

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  4. AmyRose🌹 Avatar

    I’ll be back …. smile …

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