Freedom: Now You Can Have the Keys!

A blog post I wrote a while back that seems to have some pertinence today. I woke up with this in mind. Suppression of humanity is a real thing if we allow it, and unless each and every one of us can find a way out of that suppression, specifically held within the mind – we are destined to live without freedom. A self-imposed prison if you will. It’s been a life long lesson for me and apparently coming up for another round.

The Path to My Heart

I have been asking myself lately: What does freedom look like in my life? How would I know if I were free? And, Why is freedom so important to me? In the past, I associated freedom with the physical, through my body. Running has always felt like freedom to me, however there have been few times in my life that my body actually felt the ease of running. What does physical freedom really feel like then? But what about emotional freedom or spiritual freedom? Have I ever experienced these freedoms?

As Above, So Below. My soul is Ready to Break Free!

I have been confronted recently with the implications of continuing to live day-to-day from my very limited self-imposed slave mentality. I look back and see it’s prevalence, to the point of believing now that my soul’s mission is to understand and experience true freedom. It feels…

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