Plagiarism in Blogging

Plagiarism in Blogging

I’m fairly new to blogging, under a year, and have been spending time reading lots of great posts in WordPress . Under the advisement of a seasoned blogger, I started following the people who follow me, figuring we’d have similar interests. For the most part that has proven true. Then, from those blogs, I read other’s comments and if I liked the comment, I’d check out their blog too! So far so good, I’m having fun!

This isn’t a post about getting followers though

The blogging world offers a great platform for expression. I love commenting on posts and engaging with the writer, the expert. If I don’t agree with another’s view after reading about 5 of their posts, I am free to unfollow them. Easy!

The reason I am writing this post is because I came across something that really bothered me. I’d been reading this certain blog for several months now and was impressed with the caliber of writing. I was thinking – Wow, to post so many posts in a week and written in such a professional way – I could only hope to attain such a thing.  I looked up to this blogger and admired him. (I am assuming the writer is male.) His blog also has thousands of followers.

I'm Coining a Phrase: "Blogger's Discernment"

I began to notice something strange though. My tendrils raised! I was commenting on the subject of his posts as usual, but noticed his replies back never matched the professionalism his posts were written with. It felt like two different people – one writing and one commenting! It started to bother me, my discernment with this sort of thing is usually good.

So I did some digging. I copied a paragraph from his post and put it into a Google search. There was a match from another web-site – practically word for word. Plagiarism! It made sense what I was feeling. I did the same thing with more of his posts – and, the same thing showed up on Google. He has been copying material from web-sites and posting them as his own – no citations, no credits.

I felt really disheartened and sad. I looked up to this guy as a great writer and he wasn’t even the one doing the writing. Crushed, I UNFOLLOWED him. I’m not sure why I invited this experience into my life, perhaps it was just about discernment, or perhaps it was to show me that I don’t need to give my power away by comparing my expression to someone else’s. I know what I write is truth and from my heart, same for the blogger who gave me the advice.

I really enjoying reading posts from the heart of bloggers so I guess that’s why I blog after all! No more comparisons, and lots of credit to those bloggers with integrity!!

13 thoughts on “Plagiarism in Blogging

    1. Hi Julia!! Life got really busy, having the kitchen re-done! It’s been hectic for a couple weeks and I also have a part time job now. I’ve been wondering myself when my next post was going to pop out!! Take care and hope to get one out soon!! Donna


      1. How nice other from you! Glad to know that you are well, albeit busy! I know the kitchen redo drill–been there done that. Not fun to live through, but now it’s my favorite room in the whole place. Between that and your new job I suspect that you’ll find something that pops soon! Happy new kitchen and new job! Cheers!

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        1. Thanks Julia! Electrician just left!!! Just got the floor and a bit of tile left to do. I almost don’t want to use it now, it’s so clean!


    1. I know Connie, exactly – bloody weird and sad too! I felt a kick in the gut, a blatant lack of respect in the neighborhood of blogging. Thanks for sharing!


  1. Hi Amy!
    Yeah, it was just a bummer – I guess I wasn’t expecting it – naive that I am! I have good discernment and have spotted “fakes” before – it’s just always a bit shocking to me and not sure why I am still surprised!! Take care! I need to get over and read your new post!! Much love to you, Donna


  2. Oh how terrible! I get so ticked off about stealing yet unfortunately there is no way to prevent it on social media, Donna. Even though my work is copyrighted, do you think that stops others from copying my pics? Or my writing even? Thank goodness for the most part we are honest folk here on WP. This experience must have crossed paths with you for a reason. You’ll get it. I have every confidence you will!!! (((HUGS))) 💞


  3. Hey Donna! I’ve been blogging for a whole month now 🙂 and love this post. In fact one of my six blogs is titled “Potties, Plaques, and Plagiarism.” I’m all about heart-centered connection and will be following you. Come visit me!

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